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I really enjoyed DEATH AT THE DOLPHIN and LIGHT THICKENS by Ngaio Marsh. The second listed is about a murder during a production of "the Scottish play", and the first is a mystery involving a glove that might have belonged to Shakespeare's son. Both great fun and both take place at the fictional Dolphin Theater in London.


What a fun prompt! Here’s another reader who enjoyed Ngaio Marsh’s mysteries set in a theater, especially Death at the Dolphin. My favorite theater stories though are for children: Noel Streatfeild’s Shoe stories, particularly. Ballet Shoes and Theater Shoes. Good luck with your choice(s) — I’ve read A Shilling for Candles and Town in Bloom and liked them both,and I’d be tempted by Helene Hanff or Elizabeth Jane Howard or Jan Jones or...

My prompt for October is 1,2,3, Go! and I’m debating whether to read a non-fiction adventure story, like the Lost City of Z, or something like The Three Musketeers.


A couple of Margaret Drabble's early novels touch on the theatre world and of course I'm always looking for a reason to delve into her works. I can't remember if she is someone you've read or someone you've collected and meant to read? (I have plenty of the latter too, as you know.) Also there is that first Sarah Waters book, Tipping the Velvet, or maybe that's more dance hall than theatre? Certainly colourful, that's for sure! Rebertson Davis' Tempest-Tost and Margaret Atwood's Hag-Seed would make lovely companions, both about a performance of The Tempest, one in a small town and the other in a prison (which is much the same thing, I suppose)!


Underfoot in Show Business - how did I not know this one by Helene Hanff? I must remedy this. :) I'm sure I'd enjoy A Town in Bloom. At the moment, the only theater books that come to mind are those of the Father Brown mysteries.


Those sound great. I think I will hit the public library sale this weekend and see if I can find either of the books--they look like later books in the series-I only have the first few early novels. Thanks!


I am going to have to look for them (it is time for the monthly library sale so I might hit it and see what I can find). I did pick up Shilling for Candles, but I have only barely started it. I like the sound of all the others, too. And I really do need to get back to the Cazalet Chronicles! The Three Musketeers is great--it sounds like a fun prompt that is very open to interpretation! Have fun choosing a book!


I have started looking at Margaret Drabble's earlier books--I didn't realize she had written so many! I had not thought of Tipping the Velvet but it would totally work. It is one that I have yet to read, too. Those are all great ideas--I have Hag Seed, but nothing by Robertson Davies--have yet to explore his work!


I have had that book for ages. I think after I read 84 Charing Cross Road I looked for everything by her I could find. I have read a number of her books and they are all delightful. Must check out the Father Brown mysteries--I am totally unfamiliar with him!


Oh I'd be very curious of the Deborah Moggach book in particular. Whichever one you end up choose, I hope you'll enjoy!


I have really enjoyed the books by her I have read. Even if I don't get to this particular one, I think I would like to squeeze one in by her this year still, or very soon anyway! I am reading the Josephine Tey mystery and it is a nice fit as I was in the mood, too, for some vintage crime--so killing two birds as it were.

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