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Joan Kyler

I've read all the Kinsey Milhone books over the years, but you're tempting me to start all over again! I love Kinsey and I love Henry, her landlord.


I hope you did find your quiet corner this weekend Danielle. I found out my library has a few books by Sue Grafton but all near the end of the alphabet, which seems a pity. Even though hardly reading any fiction these days and still very much enjoying When Women Were Birds(Terry Tempest Williams) I'd like the company of a female detective, I think.


I like your prompt; but since it doesn’t fit for this time, here are some alternative ideas: Now for Something Completely Different, Far, Far Away, Something Blue, A Beautiful Cover, Dealer’s Choice, or Tick Tock ;). Mine for November is If at First You Don’t Succeed with the idea of picking a book I’ve started but never finished. I have a few of those with the bookmarks still showing where I lost interest...Hope you found some space and time for reading this weekend. I envy you reading Sue Grafton for the first time. I might have to revisit Santa Teresa!


Can't wait until your review of the Kate Morton book. I've only read a couple of her books and just really like her writing style.


Lucky you with all those Sue Grafton books stretching ahead!
Enjoy them!


My reading taste rarely aligns with public book-club choices, but I'm glad that others enjoy them. It does make one feel a little left out though, when one doesn't connect. Every month I check the local library branch's selection and, so far, every time I've been a little disappointed. Maybe someday! Hope you had a quiet relaxing weekend!


It is fun to read them back to back. It is like watching a much enjoyed TV show with weekly episodes. And the continuity of storylines is great--I feel like I am getting to know Kinsey very well--quirks and all.


Well, there was a little reading anyway. I never manage as much as I want to but I need to be happy with what I Can do. It probably doesn't matter if you read the Grafton books randomly--she does set the scene each time, but at the same time there is a story to her life that progresses that you would miss reading them in random order. Too bad they don't have more books--she seems like she is popular enough that most libraries would have the whole run of books. Kinsey does make great company! :)


I have done well with my prompts this year, but the next one just does not appeal at the moment. I like your ideas--especially Now for Something Completely Different, which leaves much space open for interpretation--lol. And I like your November prompt--that is a great idea and boy, do I have lots of those kinds of books. I was just going over my reading pile and what I need to do to clean out things for the end of the year!! Did you finish all the Grafton books already?


I had a little digression as I read a book club book, but now I am back to Kate Morton and very much enjoying the story! I have had mixed luck with her books, but this one is a keeper for me-so far.


I know--I am thoroughly enjoying the stories. Each new mystery is a great new adventure!


Well, mine certainly did not this time around, that's for sure. I always feel like I am reading Other Books -- never what the rest of the reading world is reading now. That is not a bad thing really, but I do feel left out sometimes. However, this time around--had it not been for a book club, I would not have kept going with the book. It only makes sense those books we have on our shelves or in the TBR pile are going to be the best fits since they were already chosen, right?


That seems to be the case. Even though I keep hoping!


Yes, I started with Kinsey when she was up to G so once I caught up, I’ve been reading along. I really admire how Sue Grafton managed to keep the stories and Kinsey slowly developing over so many books. Some of my favorites in the series are toward the end of the alphabet....


I wish I had started her earlier--not sure why I didn't. I guess I thought they would be 'boring' stories--silly me. But maybe it is a treat to read them so close together now?

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