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I like cats. Fish can be tricky; my daughter has gerbils and yes, they are very rodent-like. She also has a cactus that has thrived for years on absolute neglect. I've killed several. Don't be like me and water them too much! Even the little bit I did was overdoing it.


Definitely think you should name it. And in my opinion there´s nothing wrong in conversing a little with it. I greet the tree in front of our living room window every morning, but maybe that example isn't very convincing:). Don't be surprised when your cactus one day answers by blooming.


Recently Mister BIP offered a coworker one of the Porthos plants that we have in abundance (all grown from the same plant) for his new apartment and he responded (nicely) by looking up the plant online and declaring that it looked too messy (meaning they grow downwards and whichever way they choose - they have only one plant an orchid). Until then, I hadn't really thought about how much a plant's shape and size could say about their tenders! Hee hee :)


I will always be a feline advocate particularly with one of the current incumbents as a living breathing blanket as I write this. We have also had gerbils in the household - six of them - when my children were younger, and they were rather adorable although undeniably rodents. They were interesting to watch - the cats were fascinated too so we always had to make sure the doors to the rooms they were in (the children's bedrooms) were securely fastened to avoid unfortunate incidents!
As for cacti - well I do have a few about the house but nothing particularly spiky as they would be a bit of a liability with the grandchildren about, although I can see the appeal and they are quite easy to look after so long as you avoid the over-watering thing!


I like cats, too. They are my choice of pet. I have never had luck with fish and think I will skip gerbils--as cute as they look at the pet store. I got my cactus--I hope I don't manage to kill it off. I am very neglectful when it comes to plants so maybe that will work in my favor when it comes to a cactus??


Plants like to be talked to, right? I mean they are breathing and alive. I need to read up on how to properly care for a cactus--I think my only problem is that it gets very cold here and I tend to not keep my house overly warm. I will have to find a good spot where it can get some sun but not freeze! It came last night and as careful as I was taking it out of the box, I still managed to get little prickly things on my fingers--I think they shedded in transit. I will have to share a photo now!


I think first about how much attention a plant needs rather than how it sprouts and grows. I think that must be the sort of plant I have in my bedroom and the vine has grown out of the pot and I wrap it around the little stool I keep it on. I pretty much leave it on its own. It is not terribly lush, but I have had it for years and it keeps going. Fingers crossed the same will happen with the cactus--my main fear (other than the cold) is that it will get little insects. My sister gave me a bonsai once and it became infested with tiny bugs and they killed it off. It was awful.


I totally want a cat. I was even looking at the adoptable cats on the Humane Society's website, but it is just not practical right now since I am not home much except in the evening and to sleep. I am not sure my housemates would appreciate a cat--though it is my house and I can do as a like. I just would be afraid it would bond with them and not me yet I would be paying for its care--selfish I am, I admit. I want the cat for myself. Gerbils look very cute in the pet shop, but then I was thinking how I would have to take them out and handle them when their living space needed to be cleaned and I am not sure I would much enjoy that! I have my prickly pear--she came in the mail yesterday and I will share a photo of her soon! I think the little spikes are hiding in plain sight--you can't see them, but I could feel them as I was taking her out of the box!!

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