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Beautiful cover and an equally beautiful worded post, Danielle. I am not sure I will be able to find the book, and somehow that's okay as your post gives me ample food for thought.


It sounds like a book I am finally of an age to appreciate, too. I certainly do like my few days alone- I will miss my children when they are grown enough to live on their own, but I will also enjoy the expanse of quiet moments when that time comes (many years down the road, still).


This sounds like perfect; I wish it was in our library system. And with short stories, I'm not sure it's realistic for me to request it via ILL (given my rule, er Mavis Gallant's rule, about not rushing stories). I'll definitely keep an eye out for it in second-had shops. Oh, maybe you could send me a picture of the contents. Maybe I can find the stories in individual VMCs?


It looks great! And I'm most intrigued by the cover art ;) !


I love those Viragos as they always have such beautiful covers! And I guess this means I must share more posts about the book so you get more of a taste since you can't get the book locally.


There was a time when I ran from books about older heroines, but now I appreciate them in ways I never would have when I was young! Sometimes, as in my situation, the alone part is more thrust upon me rather than an active choice, but I don't mind so much now and have grown to appreciate it.


I am not sure how I managed to miss it all these years, but maybe my eyes passed over it before when I saw 'aging' on the cover. I did buy a cheap used copy--for me it is one I would like to keep so I can dip into it at leisure. Yes, I will send a photo of the contents--I bet you can find a good share of the stories in other places!


Isn't it a lovely cover? The painting is by James Herbert Gunn, who I have never heard of before. Of course looking at his paintings on Google I see a number of them which have graced the covers of other books! He seems to have done loads of portraits!

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