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My daughter and her family have about 15 acres of land in Texas that is covered with prickly pear cactus. I have no idea if it is the same type as yours. They have lovely blooms and her family has learned how to harvest the cacti for juice at certain times of the year. They make prickly pear jelly and tea with the juice. I hope your cactus proves to be a good friend! And I, too, have a couple of plants that I have named.


How cool to get a cactus through the mail! I think sunlight and being careful not to overwater will help Corrie thrive. She looks quite perky or do I mean prickly? My two houseplants are just in from summering outside, and I’ve got to get back into their watering routine. It’s nice to have a little bit of the natural world inside, especially in the winter months.


Absolutely--no need to pressure yourself with book reviews if you feel you want to do something else. Whatever goes, with book talk, and there's a lot say and talk about without doing full reviews.

And the cactus news is wonderful. What a great idea and how nice to have a prickly companion.


In my experience the less you do to a cactus the better it likes it! My late mum had a windowsill full of all different types and treated them all with a kind of benign neglect and they just kept thriving - some even flowered which I was told was a sign that they were happy!
I still had one of her plants, which must have been well over 20 years old, up until last year and it was doing well until one of the cats knocked it off and broke the plant pot it was in. I did repot it but sadly it went down hill and gave up completely - maybe the shock was too great!


Happy to meet Corrie. I think 'benign neglect'as LizF so wonderfully puts it would be wonderful for her. To celebrate her arrival I've written a letter, on it's way to you tomorrow:)


When I lived in NJ I'd see prickly pear cactus growing outside, and I think they might grow north of there too, so they're pretty hardy.


I bet theirs are big cactus, which would be so cool to see now. Mine won't get any larger than 10". I do hope that it is okay, I am already worried about it. And I hope it blooms, though, maybe it only does that at certain time in the year? My boss at works has a few cacti in his office and he cut off a piece so I am trying to grow another (not a prickly pear, though) at my desk. When he clipped it off it did 'bleed' white juice. He said that it stung as he accidentally got on his face. Yikes!


I thought it would not make it in the mail, especially as it was so cold when it was en route, but it was carefully packaged and I pulled it right out of the box with no problems. So it has been a week now, and I *think* she is doing okay. I have a few plants--the kind that don't require too much attention. I have had bigger plants that I have put out on my porch in the summer, but I was not so careful and well, I no longer have that one.... It is nice to have something green inside!


I do want to follow up on my reads, but at this point they will be little more than mentions with not so many details, but if I was good, I might have marked some passages that I can at least share. I have gotten very very lazy. I need to find a proper little table for my cactus. She is by a window but I don't want her to catch cold. On cloudy days I leave the blind closed but I think some light still seeps in.


Well, I am about as low maintenance (as in giving it) as they come. I did give it a little water as I was not sure if it got a little dry on its journey here. I am not even sure how often they need to be watered, but I think less is better than more. I wondered how a cactus would do with a cat, not that I will find out anytime soon. But I DO want to get a cat someday again. I can imagine the trauma of falling out of its container and losing soil might have been too much for the cactus (I can imagine me doing something exactly like that by the way).


I like that idea, too, of benign neglect. I am looking for a proper pot for her, but I will be afraid to transfer her over. Must think about it for a while. Yay, a letter. You have no idea how happy that makes me. And I sent a card your way a week and a half or so ago. I do hope it arrives safely and soon. I was not able to find an envelope to fit it into so it is just one its own.


Wow, I would never guess they could thrive so far north! That makes me feel better. I have had mine only for a week and already I am looking at her a little worriedly. Does she look drier than when she arrived? Does she want water. Is she sloping over to one side.... This is why I am glad I don't have kids now!


Corrie is cute! Would be lovely to see your cactus bloom someday. Do you know what color future flowers might be?


Good luck with Corrie the cactus. I love having growing things in the house, and wonder what my very curious cat would do with a cactis. We have to keep fresh flowers on the mantel as she aleaal tries to eat them!


Isn't she? I am not sure what color blooms she will have. I have looked it up--the big ones you find outside seem to bloom--I am not sure if Corrie, since she is little, will. So far I see pink read and yellow blooms. If she does bloom I will definitely share a photo!


I do, too, I just hope I take care of her correctly. I would prefer a cat, but why not a cactus. Maybe if you kept it up and out of the line of sight of the cat....well, good luck with that, right?! ;)

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