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Wonderful! I adore Rosamond Lehmann so lovely to see her in your list. My Brilliant Friend is also fantastic. Pleased to see Anita Brooker getting a mention too. Miss Buncle'Book is pure joy, in fact I am reading another D E Stevenson book at the moment.


I just found out about Call Me by Your Name because I stumbled across Sufjan Steven's music- which was featured in the film. I haven't been able to find where I could watch the movie, but perhaps I can locate the book easier-


My Brilliant Friend almost made it on my list but I think it was one of those I took too long to read. I do look forward to reading the rest of the books in the quartet. Oh and you got to read a Brookner! Wishing you a wonderful New Year and lots of great books in 2019!


Hi Danielle! haven't commented for awhile but I have been reading your excellent blog. I love reading end of the year lists, as I always get good ideas. Convenience Store Woman is now on my TBR list as is Eleanor Oliphant, which sounds like a lot of fun. I've been meaning to read Rosamond Lehman; maybe 2019 will be the year!
I'm so glad you liked My Brilliant Friend! Like you, I was reluntant to read it; when I did I wondered why it took me so long. It was a FABULOUS read; Ferrante's other books in the series were also very good but not quite (to me) at that level. Like you, I think Peter Lovesey is great; your post has reminded me to renew my acquaintanceship with him. As for Brookner, I'm also a long time fan, although I stopped reading her around mid-career, for some reason or other. Did you see her obituary in the Guardian a year or two ago? It was really a wonderful summing up of her career. If you're in the mood for another of her novels, I'd recommend Hotel du Lac, one of my all time favorites. By the way, I've just started my very own blog (literally, it's two days old). One thing that inspired me to try it was your blog, which has given me a lot of pleasure (and some very good reading tips) over the years! So -- thanks!


I want to reread the Lehmann this year and the sequel. As a matter of fact I would like to read more books by all those authors DE Stevenson write quite a few books, didn't she? I came across the sequel to Miss Buncle today when I was straightening my shelves! Tempting...


You should find the book pretty easily. It is actually a bit older, so maybe your library will have a copy. The movie is beautiful and definitely worth searching out. I thought it had started streaming online, but maybe not?


Happy New Year, Iliana! I was afraid I would take forever to get through the Ferrante, so I made sure I read it daily. Luckily I got to a point where I just wanted to keep reading! I love Anita Brookner and need to pick another book by her to read this year!


HI Janakay--always nice to hear from you! I was the same with the Ferrante! I think I was a little intimidated by it. I hope I don't wait too long to read the second one! I also loved Hotel Dulac, and like you read a number of books and then slowed down--she was so prolific! I will have to look up her obituary. And thanks for the heads up--I am so happy you are blogging now and I will link to you! It is nice to be part of the online reading community!


Danielle: thanks so much for the encouragement. I appreciate the link! I feel like I've come full circle, in a way -- yours was the first blog I ever left a comment on! So far I'm having a lot of fun; for some reason last year was a bit of a blah year for my reading and the blog seems to be getting me excited again. Have you read Brookner's Friend from England? It's been ages for me, but I seem to recall that I thought if was one of the better ones. As you said, she wrote SO many novels it's a little hard to keep track of all of them. I think I stopped following her so closely around her mid-career point, where I thought some of the novels became a little weak. On a more topical note, I just skimmed a New Yorker piece on "best books" of 2018, which gave glowing praise to Convenience Store Woman. It really sounds fun and it's definitely on my TBR.


It's very cool (and I am very honored) that I was the first blog you left a comment on. It is exciting to start a blog and I think it will definitely make you think differently about reading and encourage you to read more and more varied--at least it has me. I read far more now that I blog than I did before, though the last few years perhaps not as many as earlier (and that's okay, too). I have not read that particular Brookner, but I do have it. I have been trying to track down all the books she has written and I have quite a few but still more to find. I want to try and read a couple this year so perhaps that will be the one I reach for first! And I read Convenience Store Woman last year--it is quick and it is very quirky. I loved her voice and was happy to see how she changed over the course of such a slender novel. I hope you enjoy it too!


I just placed a hold on Convenience Store Woman, as it sounds like a book I'd really like. (I seem to have some sort of affinity for books translated from Japanese, oddly enough.)

Several other books/authors on here that I'm not familiar with, but what's new. Just add a few more names to the TBR list!


Hi Danielle,

happy New Year. Thank you so much for the card and book sign. I hope mine arrived as well.
Lovely to see Rosamond Lehmann on the list. A search for one of her books brought be to your blog ages ago. 2010! I can hardly belive how long ago that is.
I have a few of the titles on your list and some I already read and liked as well like Bodies of Light. Sarah Moss is one of the most dependable writers. She's never disappointed me so far.
I hope you'll be discovering many great books this year. Was your title meant to say 2019?
I also hope to be around more again this year.


Hi Danielle,

I don’t think you saw my comment here.
I was not well in the last weeks or I would have sent an email.

I hope you’re fine.


Hi Caroline--so sorry, you are right--I did not see your comment!! I am sorry to hear you have not been well--I owe you an email and need to tell you thank you for the card you sent as well as the lovely bookmarks, which always come in handy. I am just doing the usual--work basically, occasionally a movie or a bookstore visit. It has turned really cold and snowy and icy and I am tired of winter, though it is just that start really. I need to fill you in on all the news from here. Last year was not a good year--at least the first half. Things are pretty lowkey at the moment, which is fine. I'm okay, though. Take care and I will email soon!


Brookner, Stevenson, Moss: so many shared favourites! I'd love to read more of all three this year. Convenience Store Woman is one that I've missed, but I'd like to read it. She appeared at the literary festival this year, but I couldn't make it: I heard it was a great event! (Did you mean to say 2018 or 2019?)


Hah--well, I'm just jumping right ahead of myself. I'm surprised that no one else mentioned it--lol. Thanks--I need to fix that! You will be able to read The Convenience Store Woman in one sitting. It was really good and how I would love to hear her speak, too! I hope she writes more.

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