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Lizzy Siddal

I’ve really enjoyed following your monthly prompting this year. So much so, that I’m going to try it for myself in 2019. In January I’ll be “Starting in Scandinavia” .


I’m glad you enjoyed your science fiction prompt and look forward to your prompt reading next year! I’m looking forward to prompting along with you for 2019. I’ve got a list of prompts that I’m happy with and am working on figuring out which prompt for which month, at least for the first quarter.


Such a great idea. I've enjoyed reading about your prompt selections, too. I've been thinking about reading plans for 2019, but have nothing firmed up yet. I've been so busy with work at the end of the year that I've not done any end-of-the-year reflecting or any planning for 2019. Hoping to do that in the next week or so!

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

What a fun idea! And what a good range of books it turned up.


I am very flattered that you want to do the monthly prompts too! It is fun coming up with potential themes for reading over the course of the year and then finding books (I try and choose only from my own shelves) a book to match, I am doing Crime and Punishment for January--so basically a crime novel, too. I wonder which Scandinavian author (or setting) you are choosing? Will go and check it out on your blog!


I have checked out one of her other Planetfall books--not sure I will read it now (since I have got a nice new pile of my own books....), but I want to see if it is something to pick up later this year. I have shared my prompts. In the end it was all just very random, so we'll see how it goes!


I am curious what you will be reading this year--you always give me some good ideas!I have a little pile to start out the new year. I was so eager to clear things last year that to have all these new books is almost overwhelming--lol!


You know, of course, it is just an excuse to pick a new book to read each month--lol. I do like the little task, though, of choosing a 'maybe forgotten' book from my shelves!

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