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I like your categorizing of books you have read. I will stick to counting how many I have read this year, but the categories are interesting.


So impressed Danielle. What strikes me is the formidable amount of books owned you have read this year. I also noted that you read quite a few non fiction books too, two nature books and two classics. Time to be so proud of yourself now.


Looks like it was a good reading year! I'm curious why you count books from Nebraska in particular- ?


Look how well you did with books in translation! Looks like you had another fabulous reading year. I think my numbers are always a bit the same from year to year as well but I do enjoy tracking the books I've read so I've got my spreadsheet ready for 2019. Ha.


It is interesting to see how my reading compares year to year. Normally my numbers tend to be very similar. Maybe I need to do something this year to shake my reading up?!


I am pretty good about reading from my own stacks. I tend to check out a pile of library books but then I think about something that I was looking at in my TBR and I want to read that first!I am greedy, though, I want to read more NF and more classics. But we'll see how the year goes! Happy New Year, Cath!!


I live in Nebraska and always think I should really read a few local authors--but now that I think of it, I did--Rainbow Rowell lives here and I read one of her books!


I wonder how many of them are crime novels.... I started out the year really strong as most of the books are from the first half of the year! I need to get my new spreadsheet ready, too! And I want to be better at logging books into GR, too!


Ah- I thought it was something like that. I have been meaning to read Rowell- I have quite a few of her books on my list! all with great recommendations.


I am always a little surprised by how many authors live here in Omaha or in Nebraska and I feel like I should be better at supporting them. And Rainbow Rowell is very good, the book I read is an earlier work and was light and funny. She writes about the era I grew up in, too, so between the time and the setting (which is very much local) it was an especially fun read.


After reading your stats, I went through my books read list to see how I did this year. Always an interesting snapshot of the reading year. I'm impressed by the books in translation you read, and how many you read from your own stacks.

Reading is fun, and so is writing and thinking about reading. And reading about other people's reading...


Of course you probably guessed that I would ask: which Canadian authors did you read? :)

The stats side of reading is always interesting, I think. It reveals the gap between what I think I'm reading and what I'm actually reading. Many times I make general promises or declarations to myself and I think I'm making headway, but, then, I see that the numbers don't show much of a shift after all. *shrug* So, we keep on keeping on!


Yeah, that's pretty much it--just observe it for what it is and then make that declaration again the next year, but then reading will just go where it needs to go, right? The Canadian authors I read--Helen Weinzweig and Michael Ondaatje. I really need to read more this year....

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