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What a coincidence. I just finished up a read of Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles over the weekend! Great minds and all that. :-) What did you think of it?


I'm actually only on the third story as I have been spending more time with Emma Newman's Beyond Mars which is really good. It reads almost like a thriller but set on Mars. You might like it--she is a British writer so maybe you are already familiar with her books? Did you like the Bradbury stories?


I love Ray Bradbury's books, but haven't read any for a long time. Before Mars sounds intriguing, as does Celia Dale. Hope you have plenty of reading time during your Christmas break.

(Dare I hope to catch up on your blog posts this week?! Thank goodness for Instagram or I'd have no idea what you've been up to.)


Hmm. Not familiar with Newton, but she sounds intriguing. As for Bradbury: some of his sci-fi (more speculative fiction really) have been described as "cosy catastrophes" which is just as it sounds. Nothing too other-worldly, and most set in this world that's been just a little tweaked... He's mostly good and worth seeking out.


So far I really like the book. I think it will be a good read (and quick) in the end. I really like Bradbury's writing--and have loved the short stories by him I have read. I think John Wyndham writes cozy catastrophe's too, so if that is a genre--it is one that I like! Will push on with the collection!


I do, too. I have a number of books unread--at least one other short story collection. Everything I have read by him I have liked. You have to check out Celia Dale--she is not quite vintage crime, but definitely of a slightly earlier era (think late Agatha Christie). I am finding this book riveting and have requested another of her books through ILL. I hope it comes in before break. And no worries about catching up--I have been a very lazy blogger of late. I have probably shared more on IG than here!

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