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Bride of the Book God

The Becky Chambers is really good, wee worth reading.


Eager to hear what you think of Left Hand of Darkness- it's one I've struggled with, but kept on hand for years intending to re-read, I think I was too young at my first attempt. And I love Connnie Willis but have not read nearly enough of her books (including this one). No, Bradbury's Martin Chronicles are not really interconnected. Well, they all have a similar theme about Mars or something futuristic, but each is a standalone. I particularly remember one where all the appliances in a house live their own lives when the people are long gone, and another where a man thinks he's the only person left alive on Earth until he hears a phone ringing in a deserted town... . . and it's been over a decade since I read that collection!


Jeane, I was just thinking of the house story; I remember reading it in school: "There Will Come Soft Rains."


I read a few science fiction classics back in the 1970s. I read Dune, I read another, which if I had a list of science fiction all-time classics I would be able to identify, but I have been out of the science fiction zone.
But I know so many people who cherished Ursula LeGuin's works. I really should try to read one or two of hers that are so lauded.
Have Fun!


What a tempting list! I enjoy Connie Willis, but haven’t read Bellweather yet. Domesday Book is probably my favorite of the ones I’ve read, but I haven’t read one I didn’t enjoy. The Left Hand of Darkness is a classic, of course, and is on my mental list of books I’d like to reread — I even got an edition with bigger print than my old ppb. I enjoyed Ready Player One even though I’m not that up on eighties video games and pop culture, and the movie was fun, too. The Martian Chronicles also a classic would be fun to read with the recent Mars landing and exploration—I love Bradbury’s evocative style. I remember that story about the appliances that Jeanne mentions, too. Your other choices all sound good. How to choose? The dilemma of the great list!


I was pleased to hear Connie Willis hosting Coasttocoastam radio show, sitting in for George Noory. She is a talented gal.


If you were paying attention to pop culture in the 1980s Ready Player One is great fun. It is full of "I remember that" moments.

Margaret Powling

I notice The Librarian at the bottom of the pile of books, Danielle, by Salley Vickers. I have finished reading this not half an hour ago and I really enjoyed it. It's set mainly in the late 1950s, and is very evocative of that period (I know, I was there!)
Margaret P


I think I am going to read it for sure, even if not exactly for this prompt. I decided to start with Emma Newman's book, though I have heard many good things about Becky Chambers, too. Have you read the sequels? I think there were one or two more?


I love Ray Bradbury and am slowly reading the Martian Chronicles--you're right they only share a somewhat common locale. It sounds like he wrote them over time and as individual pieces. I think I will save the Le Guin until I can devote more attention to her. I have had my copy for a while now and mean to read her, but maybe it is a little too challenging for the moment. I want to read Connie Willis, too. I have yet to read any of her books, though I seem to have collected a number of them....


That is the one story of the collection I had read before--thought it was the one by Jeane's description--it is a classic and one I like to reread now and again.


I have read so little Sci Fi--there is so much out there it is hard to know where to start. I was looking at a copy of Dune at the bookstore over the weekend, but I guess I have enough to choose from at the moment. If I read one (or maybe two if I can finish the Bradbury in a timely manner) I will be very happy indeed.


I hadn't thought of the Mars landing angle in conjunction with the Bradbury (though I have heard about it a little on the news). I should try and look up photos or articles about it--I like reading complementary things along with my novels! In the end I have picked the Bradbury to just read at leisure and the novel by Emma Newman as it has elements of a suspenseful thriller and thought it might be a way into the genre. They all sound good and I have Connie Willis on my radar in any case as well as Ready Player One--though I might not be up on the video games from the 80s I think the other pop culture references I will know. It was hard choosing this time around, but I am hoping this sparks me on to read more in the genre!


That's cool--it would be fun to hear her speak! I will have to look for it.


I grew up in the 80s, and I had heard this was full of pop culture references from that era which is what made me buy the book. I had heard of it but thought it was not quite my genre but a friend read it and enjoyed it and suggested it to me. Maybe I will pick it up over the break--it sounds like a fun read!


Yes, it is waiting for me and when I took that photo I almost reached for it in addition to the other book I was trying to decide on! :) I love reading about that era and have heard good things about the novel. So glad you liked it and now (of course) I want to start it straight away. (You'll have to tell me which books you have read and loved reading of late--our tastes tend to overlap quite a bit!).


Science fiction isn't usually my cup of tea, and I've read very little of it. I recently tried to read Ready Player One and couldn't get through it (though I enjoyed the movie!). Having read your most recent post, I know which books you ended up choosing, and I think you chose well.

My husband, who likes science fiction, recommended The Martian--I will probably read it (someday) as that was another movie I really enjoyed.


I don't reach for it very often, though sometimes I come across something that appeals. I sort of want to try Ready Player one--mostly for the references to pop culture as that is when I grew up and it sounds like fun, but we'll see. I have not seen The Martian. I thought about adding it to my list, but I think the Newman is the book that fits my mood best right now. Maybe just as well not to get too hooked on a new genre....

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