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I also bought a huge amount of books this year. And I culled and culled, donating library sale books that I knew I now have no interest in reading.
Still, I have loads of books on my shelves all over the house that I'm very keen on reading, and on to 2019.
The only hitch are the new books published in 2019.
Best wishes with your piles and may the evenings double in length so you can enjoy them.
A very merry Christmas to you!


Lucky you to score a Persephone. I'd have snapped it up, too. If only you could purchase the time to read all these lovely books at the same time you buy the books themselves. Enjoy!


It's lovely to have so many new books!


Annejet van der Zijl in that last pile of books! I seem to remember it had very good reviews, as all her books have. I have never regretted altering my reading choices to mainly non fiction, with a fiction choice only every now and
then. Happy reading Danielle.


Even though I’m working on buying fewer books, I’m jealous of your wonderful library sale haul and what a nice mix of possibilities you found. I read the Agnes Jekyll essays earlier this year and was surprised how much I enjoyed it; her prose is quite wonderful. Happy holidays and to a good year of reading in 2019!


Great finds! I haven't been to a library book sale in a long time. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season surrounded by family and lot of books :)


Lucky you!! they all seem so very tempting, no surprise that you couldn't resist. I so wish libraries here would have sales too.


Today I started shifting and sorting and organizing book piles so I spent most of my last day of vacation looking at books rather than reading them--lol. But it does feel nice to have them all tidy. I have a few gift cards for the bookstore, but I will wait a bit before buying something new. Take a deep breath....


Unfortunately it was an ex-library copy so it has stickers and property markings but hey, it is still a Persephone!! :)


It is nice to have a new pile of books to peruse and pick up and read--and I always discover something new!


I thought it was really interesting that the book was translated from Dutch! I am happy to hear she has gotten good reviews. I do want to try and read more nonfiction this year--It would not be a bad thing to make myself read a little slower sometimes (which I always need to do with NF).


I think that it is a good thing, actually. I just did some sorting and straightening so at least my bedroom piles are tidy now. The idea is to keep them under control...not make room for new ones! ;) I love the idea of books about food--need to read some of what I have been accumulating in that genre!


I had not gone for years but this year I went three or four times and I always manage to find a few books to take home....all for a good cause, right?


I don't know how they manage to have such well stocked rooms every month! I guess other readers are better at recycling books than I am!

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