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I have started thinking about next year's reading in a very general sort of way. I'm going to do a personal review of my reading life from 2018 as part of my year end reflection/wrap up. I read fewer books this year than in recent years, and the only real project I had was Paris-themed (and that will continue, as I'm still in love with Paris and France in general.) Not sure if I want to do any challenges per se, but I do want to improve my reading skill so that I'll remember more of what I read.

It's so nice to have someone to discuss reading with--you and Belle add a lot of pleasure to my reading life...not to mention a lot of books to my TBR list!


You sound well on the way to the new year. I like to read challenge lists, more to get ideas of books to try to expand my horizons than to check all the boxes. I’m still thinking about reading for next year, haven’t started my prompt list, and have three more books to read to meet 2018 goals....I am on Goodreads, and I’m surprised what books have few reviews — usually older or more specialized books, but maybe you could use Amazon reviews instead? And I guess some books might be two-fers — I.e. self-published book could also be a book of poetry. Did Nelson Mandela write anything while imprisoned? I know Martin Luther King wrote Letter from Birmingham Jail. Good luck! It does sound doable, and would be fun if Book Riot has periodic check-ins to see what others are reading and share experiences.


Mostly I've been able to finish this challenge just-along-the-way, without really trying, until about 18 or 20 (out of 24) and then I have to focus and select specifically. I can already see some of the categories that would be problematic with me for the 2019 list (yes, the business one, which you already identified! but there was a book reviewed in a recent issue of "Ms", Give People Money by Annie Lowrey, which might fit), but that's the 'harder' part, so I get that it's supposed to be a challenge. Otherwise, why would we do it!


It's always fun to read about Paris. I have looked at some books translated from French recently and I would like (as always) to read more books in translation. I will just keep on with my prompts and do the Read Harder challenge, but that is just to mesh with my regular reading over the course of the year. Otherwise any little projects will be my own. I often feeling like reading a certain theme or books set in a certain locale for my summer reading--as a matter of fact I already have an idea (I am kind of bingeing right now and want more...). It is nice to have someone to talk books with. Someday we really do need to try and connect up and chat over coffee--maybe somewhere in between Nebraska and Florida! :)


I am always ready to start anew about this time of year. I think that is the very reason the Read Harder Challenge appeals--to get more diversity in my reading. I think I can do that challenge with just the regular books I am going to read next year. Sort of like reading prompts. I am also on GR but I must admit I am a lazy GR-er! I only mark the books I have read--I usually start out all gung ho and then lag, making it impossible to catch up! I should finish my last prompt book this week and have a list of ideas for next year. I have been looking up books I own just out of curiosity for the challenge and I think I can mostly read from my own shelves--even have a few self published books. There are a few 'tasks' that don't appeal so much or seem a little harder than the rest--a business book? One written in prison? I will note the books/authors you mention--that might be a good starting point at least. I think there might be a GR group for the Book Riot challenge--I am sure there must be something out there. They have a log book you can buy, but I think it might already be sold out, which is okay. I can make my own if I feel the need. And they have a massive spread sheet that is pretty detailed--more so than my own!


I think I will mostly be able to pick up books I want to read in any case, too. I am looking through the prompts to see what I feel like reading first based on books I have on my TBR. There are a few tasks that don't appeal or that sound like they will be harder to fill, but it should be a good way to add a little diversity to my reading. For once I am thinking about this ahead of time, so maybe I can actually complete it?!


I would love that so much, Danielle. One of these days!

One of the books I read and loved that was translated from French was Hunting and Gathering, by Anna Gavalda.


I have that Gavalda book and I have looked at it many times! Another one to scoot up to the top of the pile.... And someday we will meet up, I'm sure! :)


I started off this year with lots of good intentions but my reading has gone into a major slump these last few months but despite that I'm so excited about making reading plans for 2019. Not sure what yet, but can't wait. The Book Riot challenge sounds fun!


I hope 2019 will spark new interest in some good books. I was feeling that way, too, but now it is nice to have a nice fresh stack of reads!! I think the Book Riot challenge will be good--a way to pick up books I don't usually read!

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