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So cool. I’ve been wondering when someone would start re-issuing Classic American mysteries like the British Library is doing for British mysteries. It’s such a good way to find new authors. The So Blue Marble would be at the top of my list, too, and crime in golden age Hollywood with Stuart Palmer sounds tempting. I haven’t seen them yet but will be keeping an eye out. In the meantime, I’m sampling two mystery series from the library: The Body In the Transept by Jeanne M. Dams and Gone Away by Harl Holt.


The So Blue Marble is preposterous, but the opening is impressively menacing. If you haven't read Hughes I wouldn't start here, but if you like her already, it's interesting to see how she started.


I think I have heard of Hazel Holt--someone might have suggested her books to me, or maybe just through browsing--they both sound like interesting books--esp the Holt. I only came across the Penzler series through an ad in one of the bookish newsletters I subscribe to. I wonder why I didn't come across them sooner and you're right--it is about time for reissues of American classics! There must be loads out there worth bringing back into print that will be fun to read. I am in a mystery mood, too!


I have started reading, and you're right it does seem to stretch credibility somewhat, but I am willing to keep an open mind! :) I have read her before--loved In a Lonely Place--though it was somewhat disturbing. I want to go back and read more of her earlier books--I didn't realize she had so many published. You're right, it is not probably the best place to start with her works, but it will be fun to compare this to her better known books!


I will be so interested to hear your thoughts about these novels. Fascinating news!

Kristen M.

I bought the first six at once and have read three of them so far and liked them each for different reasons. The So Blue Marble was incredibly intense! I think I'll probably buy the next six at once since their selections seem to really represent high quality stories and a wide variety of styles. I only wish I had this sort of luck with the British Library Classics. Some of those are duds.


I highly recommend The Expendable Man. The Birdwatcher is really good too.


Oh those look so pretty!


I heard about these in Mystery Scene magazine but haven't seen them yet. Love the covers. I hope you enjoy these and keep us posted!


Thanks! I know I have the Expandable Man and will look for the other!


It is always nice to rediscover good though sadly forgotten books. Dorothy Hughes is really good so glad to know more of her work is coming back into print.


I have started with The So Blue Marble--glad to hear you liked it as well as the others. I plan on 'collecting' the rest before the next six are published. I am happy they are doing this--it is about time American classics were rediscovered, too. And the designs are quite nice as well!


Aren't they?!


I have not seen them at the bookstore but I ordered these two. They are very attractive and so far I am enjoying the Hughes novel. It is very vintage feeling.

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