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I enjoyed The Alice Network. When I read about courageous women like these, I always wonder what I would do in similar circumstances. Step up to the plate, I hope.

The Only Woman in the Room is on hold for me - 4 people ahead. That's OK, gives me time to finish some of the other books already beside my chair. Marie Benedict will be coming to a local bookstore. I'm hoping I can make it there to hear her. I've enjoyed her other books.


I'm on the waiting list for The Alice Network as it looks fascinating. My want-to-read list gets longer by the minute which doesn't exactly fit with my need to start making inroads on my shelves and shelves of unread books!
I haven't made any reading plans for this year apart from the usual one of trying to read more of the classics - I'm currently embarked on Les Miserables so heaven knows how long I will take to read that at 10 pages a day!
I'm going to give Elena Ferrante another go - maybe this year I will manage to get along with her!
I actually really like Liane Moriarty's work - I did like the first TV series of Big Little Lies but I actually preferred the book which I had read a year or so before. I think the books have that Aussie edge to them which I really like and she is a compelling story teller.


The Room of Requirement podcast is very, very good. I listened to it twice while working a puzzle this week. I still can't decide which segement I liked best- and I definitely added a book to my reading list, and possibly a visit destination for one day!


Lucky you to be able to meet Marie Benedict. We rarely get authors coming through Omaha. I am looking forward to reading her book, though. I am nearly finished with The Alice Network and have enjoyed it very much--I will say, though, I find Rene pretty repugnant and my 'enjoyment' for reading the war sections sagged a bit since he was so much in the picture. I am not sure I could do what Eve did--she has moxie, that's for sure. I had not realized there was such a spy network during WWI and am hoping there is more information at the end of the book on how Quinn did her research!


I think you will like The Alice Network--it is a bit longer than most of the books I am reading at the moment but it moves quickly. I have totally maxed out the number of holds I can have at the library. If there is something that comes up that I *really* want I have to look at the list and take something else off. Of course this means that everything is going to come in at the same time. I am with you on wanting to read more classics. I have started Their Eyes Were Watching God, which is really good, but it is written in a Southern dialect that has been really slowing me down. I used to be able to read doorstoppers like Les Mis but I cannot seem to make it through classics of any length so I am just trying for shorter books right now. The first time I tried My Brilliant Friend I just could not get into it. But something clicked this last time. I just flew through it surprisingly. I have sort of started the second book--I want to read it, but I need to finish a few other books (book club book) first. I wondered if Big Little Lies would be set in Australia, which I was actually hoping for, but it seems to be set in California. It is kind of quirky so I will keep watching--or chipping away at it anyway--I have a long movie streaming list, too....


I need to get Room of Requirement set up on my ipod. I sometimes listen at the gym or when I am making dinner. The episodes don't look too long, so the time commitment will work! (I am bad about wanting to do several things at once...or just reading--too much to do and not enough free time--though I know multitasking is not really a good thing from what I hear.).


How large is your book group? My mystery book group is hosted at B&N too and we've been going strong for about 10 years. Really enjoy the group. Thank you for all the cool links. I am definitely going to check out the translation books. Last year I didn't get to read as many books in translation and want to make sure I don't let them slide off my radar!

Heather Bond

I just listened to the This American Life episode about libraries. Don’t miss it. You will cry, I guarantee it.


The book group varies in number. There are a core few of us--maybe five or six who go to most of the meetings. It is the BN book club, so they have their big read--the nationally chosen book, and there are always a few community drop ins but they don't usually come to the in between meetings. We pick a book to read on our own on those months. It is fun and they are all nice ladies. It is just an hour so not too much of a commitment. I think it has not even been a year now since we have started meeting--so cool that your group has been together for so long. I wonder how many books you have read over all that time?


I have it saved on my podcast list. I guess I shall save it to listen at home and not at the gym! Thanks for the heads up.

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