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Happy New Year! Your blogging plan sounds good, and once again your prompts are intriguing. Looking forward to another year of bookish delights.


What a fun list of prompts! Looks perfect to spark some good reading in 2019. (I enjoy books like the Stillmeadow book that can be read throughout the year.). I’m having a surprisingly tough time deciding how to organize my prompts. BTW, we both have “Something Blue” on our list — should be fun to see what we each do with that one ;). I finally decided to go with “I know the author” for January. From taking writing classes, I’ve met a number of writers, and some of my cousins have written books, too, and I like to support them by buying their books, but I haven’t been keeping up with reading, so maybe I’ll manage more than one...


Happy New Year! I like your list of prompts and the Read harder challenge looks interesting too.


Sounds like your year is off to a great start, Danielle! I long ago took the pressure off of myself of writing about every book I read and a blogging schedule. I found it was hard to get to the books I was trying to read. Ha. I love your prompts and no doubt you are going to find some great books. Looking forward to reading about your book discoveries this year!


Well, I am late in wishing you a Happy New Year, too. I think we're off to a good start anyway!


So far, so good. I read my January chapter in the Taber book and read one of the two books I selected for my prompt. I am hoping to finish the nonfiction book I picked up but if it carries over that is okay, too. Which book did you choose for your January prompt? I like the idea of reading a book by someone you know! Already I am thinking of next month--something old. Should I go with just an old book, a book I have owned for a long time or a book about something old--story or object.... Part of the fun is thinking how to interpret each prompt.


It should be a good reading year and I hope the prompts and the challenge will help add a little something different/inspiration to my reading this year!


I am not going to worry if I write a proper post about my reads, but I do at least want to mention them in some way here--which should be easy enough. I want to get into the habit of journaling about my books--even if the entries are really brief. It will be fun to go back and look over the journals at the end of the year! Happy New Year Iliana!


The best prompts offer room for interpretation, I think, or do I mean wiggle room ;). For January, I’m reading Medicine Wheel by Kelly Running, a murder mystery set in Sedona. She self published her books as e-books, and there are two in the series with a third due out soon. I’m about halfway through and thinking it would make a good movie — lots of action and interesting characters. Good luck with something old — lots of possibilities there.


I bet the prompt selection and collection is your favourite part. Or, maybe that would just be my way of looking at it. :)


I think the monthly prompt works so well because I really DO love going through my books and deciding which one best fits my mood and I can truly agonize over the choices as you know!! If there is only one thing I accomplish in my reading year I am happy if it is my prompts!

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