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Way to go, Danielle! I finished Quartet in Autumn as my first finish of the year. I really want to read everything Barbara Pym wrote!

I'm going to make my own reading challenge, using prompts from Read Harder and Modern Mrs. Darcy, and maybe a little something of my own thrown in. Hopefully I'll get my act together and write about it before June!


Bravo! I don’t think I’ve ever read any manga although I’ve seen them at bookstore. The best kind of dilemma — which of these wonderful books should I pick up now?


So your first foray into manga went pretty well. Are you going to read the next volume do you think?


I've tried one manga and I found it a bit hard to get into. This one though does sound appealing. Great job on tackling the first book in the challenge!


Did you enjoy it? I think it is my favorite Pym so far. And I am totally with you on wanting to read all her work. As a matter of fact I need to add her to my list of women authors to read this year. Yes, I really do have a list--lol. I think it is cool to pick and choose your own prompts. I am working in titles from the Read Harder tasks to fit my own desires. I think (going by the discussions on GR) that some people are being pretty unbending about picking titles exactly so, but I am mostly doing it to try and broaden my own reading. I want it to be fun and not a chore. (Surely a challenge can still be fun, right). I am not familiar with Modern Mrs Darcy--is she a blogger?


I see shelves and shelves of manga at B&N when I go (sometimes I will take a quick peek at the graphic novel section)--but I never thought of actually going over there and looking at them as potential reads. It's good to get a taste of something new anyway. Yes, choosing is one of the best parts of reading.


It was fun--sort of like a comic/graphic novel, but more in a book format. It was kind of fun reading from what we think of as the back of the book (but when I went to pick up a book in English it felt weird going back the other way-lol). I did check out volumes 2 and 3 but I am not sure if I will continue or not--so many other books are beckoning--but I might get drawn in....


I think it was the play on an uptairs/downstairs theme that appealed to me. I like some comics but if the story is too out there I just can't stick with it. I am not sure I will be a manga convert, but it was cool to get a taste of what they are like anyway.


Oh, have a treat in store. Modern Mrs. Darcy is a book blogger, has a podcast called "What Should I Read Next?" (which I don't dare listen to) and has written a couple of books herself. I've slowly been getting more and more into reading her blog and enjoying it very much. She has a free downloadable reading journal you might like to see, too.

I like how you're making the prompts fit your own reading plans rather than being rigid. For me, reading is a joy and pleasure, and I need to be careful that I don't make it into just one more chore. That would kill the happiness for me.

To be honest, though I enjoyed Quartet in Autumn overall, I found it a bit sad. I've only read one other of her books, Crampton Hodnet, and I see that there are quite a few titles in her list of works. Something to look forward to!


I will check out her blog and maybe even try a podcast (thanks for the heads up), but thanks for the warning as I am sure it will indeed be dangerous to my reading list. I am using the Read Harder challenge to just help add a little diversity to my reading--I want to pull from my shelves those forgotten books, but I agree--I don't want it to be a chore. Some readers seem to be a little unbending on the 'tasks' and opting for the Challenge part of it. I want to keep in the spirit of it, but I want also to enjoy myself. And I know--that Pym is a little sad, but I thought she was so spot on with her characterizations. You should try Excellent Women--I think you would really enjoy it!


So the Read Harder really did make you stretch your reading muscles: yay! So I suppose the fact that it felt like the Read Easier challenge was a good thing? I've not read a lot of manga, but I am always meaning to read more. It's addictive, as you have noticed.


I can always try and read a little harder. I think a nice balance between comfort reads and a few books outside the comfort zone can only be a good thing! The manga was fun--I can see how if you really like it you could spend a whole lot of time with it!

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