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Glad you are enjoying this. She and "Jill" (Eleanor) raised cocker spaniels, who turn up in the books (Sister and Star were the originals; later was Honey). Holly was an Irish setter; earlier she had one named Maeve, and as a girl she had an Irish named Timmie. She has some funny stories about Timmie in ESPECIALLY DOGS, ESPECIALLY AT STILLMEADOW. Susan Branch quotes a good deal of Gladys and has a nice web page devoted to her. You knew I had a Gladys Taber web page myself, right? :-)


I love Gladys Taber and have quite a few of her books, mostly found at thrift and antique stores. Her evocative writing calls to me - and I would love to see Stillmeadow. There is a Gladys Taber organization, which I keep meaning to join for their newsletter. Sigh. Thanks for posting this. I have this book and should pull it out.

Heather Bond

You inspired me to hunt this down and read monthly myself. Just finished the Forward and will read January this weekend. Thank you!


I've always enjoyed Gladys Taber's writing. I'll have to try to track down Stillmeadow. It's been years since I've read it.


Does this have a lot of illustrations? It sounds delightful. I hope you continue to enjoy it!


Her writing is such a delight. Why did I not dive right into the books when I first came across her books?? I will check out the Branch link. Did you see she has a book all about one of the cats she owned? I have that one on my reading pile. If I did not already have three (!) nonfiction books started I would be tempted to pick that up, too!


Thank you again for the books!!


She has quite a backlist of books. Last time I was at the used bookstore I saw a few on their shelves--I think one or two were new to me, but as they were cloth editions and a bit pricier than their other books I left them there for another visit. I will check out the GT organization--her writing is really very good and this book is so enjoyable. I wonder if I will be able to keep myself to just one chapter a month? It is the perfect book to dip into in case that helps you pull this off your shelves, too!


So glad you are joining me--are you also going to do the chapters one a month? I am already looking forward to February. She has a nice mix of things she writes about and it is all so very cozy.


I can see why! She must have been very popular in her day. This is such a delight to read and well worth revisiting! I'm glad I have other books by her on my shelves.


It does have illustrations-line drawings like the cover--if you can see the little bit on the top. I will post illustrations next time. I think this will be a lovely book to pick up every month!


This really does look and sound lovely - a perfect monthly read.
I have been resisting the book you sent me, saving it for a time when I really need to read it but with wintery blasts heading this way in the next few days, I think its time might have come judging by the way Gladys Taber writes in your quotations.


It's the first time I hear of her and it seems quite delightful!


She's on my list, and may be bumped higher on it due to the quotes you've shared here. Especially the one about pruning--that's what I'm doing, metaphorically speaking, right now.


I am already looking forward to February. I think you will like her writing. She is quite charming. No wonder she has so many books to her name! I might have to pick up another Stillmeadow book, I think.


She must have been quite popular in her day. She wrote quite a few books--mostly about this old house in New England. She also wrote about Cape Cod. I think her books would be great as reissues--she needs to be rediscovered I think.


Her writing is really delightful. I am looking forward to reading February. I might have to read another of her books that I have alongside the serial read.

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