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Ghost Wall is compelling and a fast read - mostly because it is hard to put down. It reminded me a little of Sarah Moss's first book which is set on an archaeological dig in Greenland.
I am in line at the library for Meet Me at the Museum and I might have to investigate the other books you have in your pile as they look intriguing!

I have had The Goldfinch since it came out in hardback - and no I haven't read it (haven't read any of Donna Tartt's books, but haven't admitted as much to my daughter in law who is a big fan of hers)
I do keep looking at the volume as it sits on my shelf but since I have quite a few big thick books in progress at present, it will probably have to wait a little longer for its moment!
I have read Where'd You Go Bernadette? and very much enjoyed it if that is any help and since I have given a copy of Little Women to my eldest granddaughter, I hope to finally get around to reading it again for the first time in many years. I'm unlikely to go out if my way to watch any of the film versions of it though as I have my own idea of what the characters look like and the casting rarely matches up!

As to thrillers to whet your appetite : I very much enjoyed Elly Griffiths' standalone The Stranger Diaries and Ruth Ware's most recent book The Death of Mrs Westaway is very good too.


I loved Where'd You Go Bernadette and am excited about the movie version, though a big part of the appeal of the book, for me, was the form of it - which is epistolary, actually!


I've read The Red Address Book, Ghost Wall, Meet Me At the Museum & Light over London is what I'll be starting next. We're on the same reading wave length! I liked all of the one's I've read so far. I just finished Transcription by Kate Atkinson & think you could easily bypass this until you have absolutely nothing else to read. But I did finish it, so it's not horrible.

The mystery my reading group all liked was Anthony Horowitz's The Word is Murder...more a fun mystery because the author writes himself into the story...very clever.


I haven't read any of the books on your library pile, but I did love Where'd You Go, Bernadette. I'm usually not inclined to read books just because they are in line for a prize, but I may start to remedy that, or at least read some of the prize winners. I recently was looking at a list of prize books from previous years (Pulitzer and other prizes) and found I had read only a handful of ALL the previous prize winners. Made me feel quite literarily ignorant. I actually do better on classics than prize winners, and I'm not that great on my classics, either!


as an afterthought - 3 books that I've read in the last month, Ghost Wall, Meet Me at the Museum & Broken Ground by Val McDermid have been about bog people...and a PBS documentary about them. Never heard much about them before & now 3 books & a documentary? Is something going on that I'm not aware of?


I am eager to read Meet Me at the Museum and look forward to what you might have to say about it - that at the Red Address book.
Love your pile - always do.


I have started sampling the books as I know I can't read them all as there are lines of people waiting for them. I started the Moss as that is one I think I can fit in, but not sure which of the others to try now--especially since I am in progress of reading the Lyndsay Faye novel. They always all come in at once!! I have had the Tartt since it came out in cloth, but as it is a big book, I also have it in mass market size--though have not yet picked up either.... I want to read Where'd You Go Bernadette before the movie comes out. and I am in line for the Griffiths, which does not come out here until March!! I swear Little Women must be the most adapted book to film classic--or maybe a Jane Austen book has that honor?


I seem to be coming across epistolary novels left and right all of a sudden!! I wonder how they will adapt an epistolary novel to the big screen? I really should pull it off my stack soon! I have heard many good things about it.


I have yet to read any of Anthony Horowitz's mysteries, but I do have the Magpie mystery. I gave the Light Over London a Go and while I did enjoy that chapter I think I am just not in a mood for a parallel story with one thread set in WWII. I seem to have been picking up lots of war stories and think I want something else. So now it is back to the stack to try another one. I started Ghost Wall and think I will read it this week easily. The bad thing about having so many books come in at once-I have to pare down the pile as I can't read them all before the due date--and none of them can be renewed right now. Sigh. The library borrowers dilemma. Glad you liked all the other choices--our tastes really do overlap! I think the Kelly will be a really fast read for you going by the chapter I read. I love the premise however!


Some prize list books look really good, but I don't feel the need to read the winners usually. Whichever book from the list that appeals the least is usually the book that wins! I do plan on reading Where'd You Go Bernadette--it sounds good and everyone seems to have loved it. Classics. I am just not managing those these days sadly.


Hmm. That is interesting--it must be a trend! I forgot Meet Me at the Museum is about bog people, too. I will try that next! I really need to try Val McDermid, too. She intrigues me--I keep coming across her books, but I never know where to start with her work.


I think I am going to try Meet Me at the Museum next. Aside from the fact it is a smallish book that looks like a fun and fast read--how can you go wrong with a story set in a museum!


what I liked about Broken Ground (McDermid) is that it wasn't quite as violent as some of her other stuff I've read. I must be getting squeamish in my old age.


Now that you say that--I think that is why I have yet to read her books. When I pick one up either it sounds like part of a series (and I hate jumping in midstream), or it sounds a little too graphic. Same story with Mo Hayder...


Oh the tragedy of leaving some library books behind! Did you leave them on your hold shelf so you could get them in a day or two or did you return them and will have to remember to request them again another time?


Which one are you going to start with? Meet Me At the Museum sounds so good. I want to know what happens next! Thank you for all the links. I need to check out the Edgars and see which mysteries I need to check out.


Lots of good books to look through but I'm particularly interested in the Meet Me at the Museum book. Sounds really like a fun read. FYI, for some reason I've been having a lot of problems commenting on your blog. I'm sure it's user error on my end!


I am trying to finish a library book that is due--tomorrow, but I am going to be late unfortunately. I think next up is going to be Meet Me at the Museum, though! It looks like it will read fairly quickly, too!


I need to be more discerning about what I take home--think about what I can actually really manage to read. The weather is just too cold and icky right now to be lugging books back and forth. It is indeed always sad to leave some behind that I might not get back to pick up before the hold expires, though!!

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