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A lovely post! I listen to this each Christmas ..if you don't know it you may enjoy it too?


Oh thank you! I had no idea (I don't utilize online listening resources nearly enough). I am going to give it a listen, too.


Oh goodness I still have not read any Maigret books! One of these days... I didn't catch the Kenneth Branagh version of Murder on The Orient Express but didn't hear very good reviews of it. I'm still kind of curious but no rush. Great review, Danielle!


I think you will enjoy them when you get to them. They are fast reads and quite atmospheric. I think Kenneth Branagh is a wonderful actor, but this adaptation just didn't quite work for me. I still love Poirot but I can pass on that weird mustache Branagh sported!


I have 2 Maigret to review. I like him a lot too. By nowadays standards he drinks a lot though. And marc is pretty strong!


Definitely going to read some Maigrets this year. I've only read one or two but did enjoy them.

My favorite screen Poirot is David Suchet. He looks more like what I imagine Poirot to look like, but he is a little warmer to his colleagues than my impression of the written Poirot.


Which Maigrets have you just read? I guess police would not get away with just dropping by a bar these days! I had to look marc up--my knowledge of spirits is pretty small (maybe that is not a bad thing!).


Whenever I am in a Paris mood I reach for his mysteries. I think I could almost just grab whichever and expect i will enjoy it. I think David Suchet is just classic Poirot. I didn't mind Peter Ustinov's version in the few movies he made. I think I have read far more Miss Marple mysteries than Poirot. I do want to read The ABC Murders, though, and then watch the TV adaptation.

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