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I cannot even see the little bookcase sitting against the wall- you've drowned it! But lovely, to have so many books at hand. I have piles in front of my TBR bookcase, too. I used to journal regularly, for years, and then life got so busy with kids I stopped. Now I kind of keep a journal online, but it's mainly about my gardening efforts and fishkeeping.


I have to periodically rearrange my piles as well. Two of them, at least, are very precariously balanced; they lean against each other and therefore (theoretically) balance each other.


I kept a print diary from 1968 through 1983, then started to keep it in WordPerfect. Once I started to blog and then joined Facebook, that went away. When I retired last January, I got a "Breathe" magazine journal/planner to chronicle my efforts in decluttering, reorganization, new crafts, etc. With my husband being sick, it turned out a lot more emotional than I planned. However, I liked doing it so much I bought another "Breathe" journal. I keep encouraging quotations, song lyrics, Bible verses, etc. in it as well, take a weekly stock of Positives and Negatives, and then a four-week summary (the journal is divided into four-week segments).


You're right--I know it is there but no one can actually see it! I took another photo, but it is still not quite easy to see, but maybe you get the idea! :) I can just turn and lean over and pluck a book from the shelf or a pile! It was a dusty affair to clean but so nice to have it all organized now. The journal is just so-so, but I am hoping to get into the habit. Maybe I need to make a daily entry even if it is only one line. Not a proper journal but just bookish stuff.


I have totally neglected most of my books which are in a tiny room and more storage than anything else as there is no room to sit down or walk around--just piles of books and other things in boxes.... You have to be very careful when removing a book from lower in the pile--I agree--sort of like a life size jenga puzzle!


I am still keeping my excel file and my GR account (which is mostly just for the list of books--it is too much work for me to add reviews and things there--so more of a reference place really), so the paper journal is sort of 'thin' at the moment--I think I bought one of the recent Breathe magazines (I think it was that one, or was it called Calm???). They are such nice journals (but not cheap). I do think they are cool--must pull mine out and see if it helps me with my journaling--now that you mention it.


I think you did put in quite a lot of work during these holidays!! I am doing the bullet journal system for everything but work (without fancy art and calligraphy, I just want it to be neat and complete); so I generally have a short list of finished book to write about in my blog on my weekly page. I also have quotes and brainstorming notes, but I don't really write longhand about books (I keep these reflexions for the blog)


I keep a paper notebook with a list of books read, and a few details about them, but I usually don't write that much about them. I'm going to try to "read better" this year and record a few more of my thoughts and any quotes I want to remember.

My TBR piles are in our closet which has built-in shelves, so they don't intrude...but I do have a tendency to forget what I have. One of my organizin projects this year is going to be going through my bookshelves, both the TBRs and my personal library. Time for a clear out!


My journal is much the same I think. I wish my handwriting was as nice as others that I see, but at least I know how to write in cursive--it is not even being taught here in most schools anymore. If I can write a little in my journal then I hope I can blog about the book more easily as it was a mess and impossible to catch up on last year. I just want prompts really--little bits and pieces. Like you it is too much to all write out by hand.


I used to keep them all the time and then stopped for a few years but now I want to get back into that habit. I like the idea of reading better and shall join you in that aspiration. I like your closet shelves--I have seen them and they are pretty cool! A secret little area of books. It is kind of fun organizing and rediscovering books!!

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