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I've heard of most of these, not read any as yet, unlikely to as no access to these new reads so I appreciate reading snippets and reviews on them.


Do you not get many UK/US imports where you live? I imagine if you do they might be expensive? It would be frustrating to read about books you can't get easily where you live, but sometimes reading a review can be satisfying, too. And I wonder what books you can get where you live but I can't get! :)


UNDERGROUND sounds fabulous.


I have just finished Ghost Wall and can thoroughly recommend it- it is a slight book but a compelling one with Sarah Moss's characteristic brilliant writing.
I am really looking forward to The Paragon Hotel and it has been on my list since I first heard of it last year: I love Lyndsay Faye's books about 19th century New York and the start of the police service there which gave some very strong female characters and this looks fascinating.

You have some very enticing books on your list - a lot of them are now in my notebook and will no doubt end up on my library wish list too!


I love books like that and actually asked my library to order it--since it is new they are getting copies to circulate so I am on the list! :)


I am waiting for a library copy and just heard a good review of it on a podcast. I have only read one of her books so far but I like her writing very much. I am also eagerly awaiting the Faye book (though I did not read the first--this one really appeals). I have a massive list of books I want to check out---I am not sure how I will ever manage to stay on task.....


The Red Address Book sounds delightful! I also want to read The Paragon Hotel. I've read one of Lyndsay Faye's books and throughly enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to this one. My wishlist continues to grow too!


I just started the new Lyndsay Faye novel and it is quite promising. From the first page she has hooked me. It is my first book by her, and I love the voice of the main character!

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