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Very envious that you have the Faye book - it is still not showing up in my library catalogue as even being on order which is annoying!
I am however halfway through Katharine McMahon's latest book called (in the UK at least) The Hour of Separation, set just before and during WW2 in Britain and Belgium and it is every bit as good as her others have been. I am thoroughly enjoying it - she creates such involving characters!


Sounds like a good companion to have on a snowy weekend!


Hope you enjoy your long weekend with your library books! I am really curious to hear what you think of the Faye book!


The Faye book is really good. She has got the lingo of the period down really well. She turns a good sentence as they say. I think you will like it when it does show up--you'll have to add it to your list. I knew there was a new Katharine McMahon coming out--lucky you--I must go see if I can afford it--I am sure it is just in cloth and her books are not being published here sadly! I love her books!


I have too many books to choose from. Not that that is a bad thing....


I had an especially long weekend thanks to bad weather. I am really liking the Faye book. I didn't read Jane Steele--not sure if it is for me, but her new one is really engaging. I like the voices of the characters!

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