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I'm wishing you lots of reading inspiration this weekend. When you're storm-bound at home, the cabin isolation can be a bit much.
I'll be eager to hear your verdict of what you've got lined up right now.


Enjoy your long weekend of reading! I am envious of those cute library cards. Mine is held together with packing tape, but I don't want a new one because I've got my old number memorized!


Monday off was a good day despite the cold. We had yesterday off thanks to ice and snow. While I was happy not to have to deal with the bad weather, I hate not being able to go out for my daily walk, which I could not do. At least I spent the day with Kinsey. I am enjoying the books above by the way-they both end up in my tote bag each day!


I think I spent the better part of yesterday in that rocker with my book. I rarely get such long stretch of reading time! My card is old and not especially pretty, but like you I don't want to ask for a new one as I also have the number (and it is a long one) memorized. We are true book people, aren't we?! ;)

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