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I know you wrote about it before but now I finally have taken a look at this challenge. Not going to commit to it mind you, but thinking to use it as a source of inspiration for reading a bit different from my usual choices.
Pity about the journal though, it looks nice.


I think the journal will still be nice despite the fact the prompts are not for the current challenge. I'll try to at least write about the books I am reading for the challenge and then whatever else is particularly inspiring. I was drawn to the list of tasks for the same reason--picking books that are more outside my normal comfort zone. It's always good to have these lists for inspiration even if you don't formally join in. I am just doing it on my own, so no worries if I don't complete all the tasks.


I enjoyed following the link you provided to the Read Harder Challenge a few weeks ago. The categories challenged my thinking and were amusing as well. If it were not for all my other challenges, I might have dug in. I'll follow all of your reads for this challenge with great interest.

This January I have returned to writing my own notes or reflections on each book I read. I really like the fact that I can say anything, but most of all I do love reading what I've read and written months and years later, as I've kept these journals in the past, although not since 2010, when I started Reader in the Wilderness. I just hope I can keep going with it this year.


Although I love the idea of this kind of log book, I never find that they quite fit my way of wanting to write about books, which leaves me feeling a little like I'm just not doing it right. *laughs at self* So glad that you're enjoying the challenge. I've read a couple too, so I've got to make my notes and post my pic's! Good luck with your next selection.


The challenge notebook sounds great, but what a shame they didn’t update it for the current year’s list of things to read. Could they have sent you the old one by mistake? Journaling about my books doesn’t really work for me — but beautiful notebooks are one of my temptations. Must resist spell of notebook ;)


I printed out the challenge tasks and will work a few of them into my reading year. And even though I printed out some of Modern Mrs. Darcy's reading journal, I'm probably going to stick with the notebook I've been using for the past couple of years, but just add a little more "meat" to the entries. Though I admit that this journal is awfully pretty...


I do love the idea of these reading challenges but I know myself too well to think I would keep going with any of them.
I am trying to broaden my reading but when time is short or life is stressful (most of the time), I do tend to reach for the same things so I will just look forward to reading about how you are doing with them!


I am keeping a journal for that reason, too, to look back at the end of the year to see where my reading took me. It is all pretty loose and not reviews but just quotes or quick thoughts or lists. I am hoping to get all the tasks for the read harder challenge done, but if I don't that's okay, too. I mostly just want to try and broaden my reading a bit.


I know what you mean and we'll see how it works. I think I am not going to be using the journal in quite the way it is meant, and that's okay. I have yet to sit down and start writing anything and will be peeved at myself if it ends up being blank at the end of the year!! I have decided that Saint Mazie, which I am reading now is my epistolary novel as it is made up in part by diary entries. And then maybe Attica Locke? Hmm. We'll see.


It would have been nice if it matched. I didn't realize that when I ordered it and found out after, but that's okay. It is still a nice journal. It has a little structure to help me in writing, so we'll see how it goes. I did hear on a podcast where they were talking about the journal that the list was not the same as this year, so I think they just did not revamp it. I have loads of notebooks and journals, too. I still bought new ones for this year, though!


It is fun to just use the list as a sort or prompt or inspiration and you don't have to feel like you must stick to it to the letter--at least I am not going to. I do peek in now and then to the discussion threads, however, to see what books others are reading. I have three journals going (or ready to go) for this year's reading--lol!


It's fun to look or to watch others, but it is also nice to just let your reading go off on its own. That is almost always how I end up and suspect that overall that will be how my reading year goes. I often end up with comfort reads, too. As a matter of fact I was wondering if I have any unread Barbara Michaels books at home or maybe I can pick up an unread Mary Stewart of which I have several!


This is so nice! Too bad they didn't update it for this year's challenge. Still glad you can modify some stuff and use it. I meant to print out the challenge for this year. Not that I'm doing it but just would like to have the topics on hand for inspiration! :)


This is so nice! Too bad they didn't update it for this year's challenge but glad you can modify it to fit. I meant to print out the challenge for inspiration!


I didn't know there was a journal for the challenge. How cool. Even if it's not for this year's, I think it would still be a good way to prompt yourself to seek out other books. Or like you said, modify it so it will work for this year's challenge. I may have to check it out :)


I didn't realize Book Riot had their own journal for the challenge. How cool. Even if it's not for this year's, like you said you can modify it. I think it'd be a fun way to have some additional prompts for when you don't know what to read next.


It is still a cool journal even if the reading tasks and lists refer to something other than this year's challenge. I have yet to start writing in typical of me. Can't wait until it comes and then I neglect it!!

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