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My grandmother was a devotee of Gladys Tabor. They were contemporaries. Although my grandmother graduated from Boston University in 1908, and married a farmer, my grandfather in 1909 and had 5 children. She loved nature and the farm, as he did, and the cycle of the seasons in New England.
Tabor's writing speaks to me as well, as I'm a complete nature nut.


I just read and blogged about My Own Cape Cod by Taber. My grandmother recommended her books and I am thoroughly enjoying them.

Kathy A. Johnson

I want to read this book so much! I love books that wander through the year like that. I feel like we would "click," too. No luck at the library, so I'll be on the lookout to purchase it.


She is one of my great finds--thanks to other bloggers who have mentioned her and sent me her books. She has a lovely way of writing and it does feel pretty timeless really. I am surprised that some publisher has not reissued her books with snappy new covers--I think she would do really well! She has a very gentle way of talking about nature, which I like.


Thanks Jennifer--I did click over and read what you wrote. I have really been enjoying her writing, too, and am always on the lookout now for her other books. I need to read more by her.


I think you would really enjoy her writing. I think you can find her in a used bookstore if you keep on the lookout for her. I know my used bookstore has a few of her books on their shelves and at some point I think I may have to buy them--they are hardcovers, though, so a bit more than their other paperbacks.

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