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I thoroughly enjoyed The Expats! It is well lodged in my mind, and well remembered, which is more than I can say about many books. Hunker down and enjoy--it's a fast read, as I recall.


How well I know your quandry. I have five borrowed library books, four borrowed from my brother-in-law, several on hold at the library to pick up, and over 400 sitting around on my shelves! ah it's like drowning in anticipations


Interesting titles there although I really don't need any more temptation to search out more books!
I haven't read any Jasper Fforde before, always thought that he wasn't really my kind of thing, but Early Riser sounds intriguing and there is apparently a copy in the library so I might try and pop in first thing on Monday to see if I can find it.
The Pavone sounds very familiar - I don't think I have read it but I am pretty sure I have a copy somewhere so hopefully it will turn up as I work through my piles of books, trying to weed out the ones that can go!

Had a look at the book list but apart from the Barbara Comyns and the Sarah Moss, none of them are familiar - more to investigate perhaps!


Sounds good. I like those books that linger longer in your mind. I am in the mood for something thrilling, espionage-wise and that just grabbed my attention when I saw he has a new book out with the same characters! I am hoping for a snow day this week (if we are getting more snow then we might as well not have to go out in it...) and that would be the perfect book to spend time with!


Yes, that is it exactly. Even while I am reading something really good and am engaged part of my brain is thinking about the books sitting on my reading piles and the books checked out from the library. I know I slow myself down when I start new books---but it is so hard to resist!


I know--I feel the same way, and then I cave in when I see something that looks interesting. I get far too many bookish newsletters in my email inbox. I have only read the very first Jasper Fforde book, which I recall liking though it is definitely on the quirky side. I have often looked at the Pavone books--not sure why I have not picked up any before now. I think he is up to about four books. I have read a few books by Barbara Comyns--the titles are sort of crazy but I have liked all the books I've read--not the one on this list however. Like you I want to check out the rest!


I get a fair few of those myself - some don't seem to hit the mark but some are all too tempting, hence my over flowing shelves and mountainous library pile!

The Comyns does seem a bit 'out there' but I might have to try it as I do have a copy and, more importantly, I even know where it is!
Do read Ghost Wall though, it is very effective and quite a fast read too.


I had Ghost Wall in my hands and had started it but then had to finish something else and when the due date approached (I was reading the Lyndsay Faye book--is that one you can get your hands on? I liked it) I had to return it or face yet More fines. So, now I am back in line for it! Have you heard of a book called The Cassandra by Sharma Shields? I have it from the library and need to start it if I really want to read it as there is a line of people waiting. I also have Rhys Bowen's The Victory Garden. So, library books jump the queue in front of my own books! I tend to request books pell mell from the library (we don't have to pay for books to be requested from other branches) and then I am inundated with books I might or might not end up reading!! I always like the Comyns books when I read them, but I sort of have to push myself to pick them up...


We have all the other Lyndsey Faye books but no sign as yet of The Paragon Hotel at all which is frustrating as I have wanted to read it since you first mentioned it! I will just have to keep looking out for it!

I know all about those decisions you have to make to avoid fines! Ours are now quite steep, probably because budgets are really tight now so I try and steer clear if at all possible!

Havent heard of The Cassandra or the Rhys Bowen book - must investigate!

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The Expats are on my wishlist too! Btw I notice that the dominant color of these books is yellow - orange... early sign of spring perhaps? ;)

Kathy A. Johnson

I also liked The Expats, and didn't know he'd written any more books with the same characters. I'll have to check that out.


I went through a Celia Dale phase a few years ago, when a bookgroup read the book reissued by VMC (something about sheep, was it? I chose the book but have, since, forgotten the details), but there weren't that many available to me at the time. Seems like you've done a great job of sleuthing! (I got into Gladys Mitchell's mysteries at the same time. Is she on your list too?)


I have both the last two books from the library and wonder when I will get to either of them....always the problem--I am so excited about new library books and I eagerly go get them and then sit them by my bed, and then keep picking up my in progress books--telling myself must finish one of those first. All the while the library books due dates tick ever closer.... Must choose one tonight....


Yes, I am dreaming of sunshine--lol. Maybe that is why I have so many books like that on my new pile. It must be psychological--lol. I have wanted to read The Expats for ages. Do you see a trend here--so many new books, and library books and wishes to read them all--Now!


I think his newest is the only one that has the same characters as that first book (but I could be wrong since I have yet to read any of his books!). It looks like fun. Have you seen previews for a new show called Whiskey Cavalier? That looks quite entertaining, too--though I don't watch much TV at all.


Yes, In Sheep's Clothing--that was my first of her books. It is a recent read so fresh in my mind--her other books have a similar feel to them--interesting but flawed and somewhat annoying characters, and endings that are sort of ambiguous in that the perpetrator might just actually get away with her/his crime. I kind of like that as it is not my usual sort of mystery read. I do have a few of Gladys Mitchell's books. Did you know they are what Midsomer Murders on PBS is based on? I have been watching those off and on as well.

Kathy A. Johnson

I have seen the previews, and it does look like my kind of show. We "cut the cable" last year so we might not get that channel--I'll have to check. (We have Sling TV/Netflix/Amazon.)


I think the show is on regular TV not a movie channel--so if you can get local stuff via an antennae you might be able to see it. I could live easily w/out cable as I only watch regular TV networks or I stream via Amazon or Netflix. It looks like a fun show, but I am sure it won't be the end of the world not to see it--lol.

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