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Yes so much to reflect on in this book. I loved it last year and am often coming back to parts this year.Happy you enjoy it too.

Kathy A. Johnson

I just picked this up at the library today and have read a few pages already. I'm already enjoying it, and will do my best to read it slowly, savoring it. Some books should be sipped, not gulped!


I like how the author's mother took some time to herself - got her own solitude, as it were. Looking back at my childhood, I can see that that is how my mother carved time away from us three children: she would go and sit at the kitchen table and read a book whilst we three played together at the other end of the house... I'm totally sympathetic now!


Peter and the Wolf will be very familiar to everyone who went to school in the UK in the 60's and 70's as it was one of the favourites of music teachers, particularly in junior schools because it was such an easy lesson. All they had to do was put on the music and then ask the class to try and identify which instrument was representing which character.

This book sounds fascinating - I will have to look out for it.


What a fascinating topic for a collection. I really enjoyed the excerpts you quote and your thoughtful reactions. I grew up on Peter and the Wolf and have always felt sorry for the duck (oboe) ;)


I can see where you would pick this up again and dip into it. It seems a perfect book to read a little and reflect on. Such a perfect choice and I appreciate your thinking of me and sending a copy!


I think I appreciate it more reading it slowly rather than reading it with the idea of finishing a short book quickly. Some books you just want to devour in one sitting, but I like thinking about the short pieces in this one. So glad you got a copy, too. I think you will enjoy it as well!


I like the glimpses of her mother that you get even though she is not actually there--having passed away. And I am sure my mom did the same thing. I think it is better for mother and children that way! If you can get a copy of this I highly recommend it!


I don't think I had ever heard it--maybe in passing at some point, but not with any real thought as it seemed quite new to me when I listened. It is such a clever idea. I am not in the least knowledgeable about music--particularly classical music, so I love learning things like this now and being able to listen and make new discoveries. I think you would love this!


I need to listen to it again as I was just curious and wanted to hear it--I love the idea of this and have been trying to expand my music horizons (I know so very little). I love how she weaves such interesting and disparate topics together. She is writing about "voice" and there are so many ways that can be interpreted. Anyway, I am happy to finally read something by Terry Tempest Williams.


This reminds me of a recent edition of TNYT book review podcast, which considered two recent publications, one on silence and one on invisibility. They both sound very good to me, but I want to run out and find the one about invisibility!


Why do those books sound familiar? We just got a book in the library called Silence, which I wonder if it is one you read about. The one on invisibility sounds really interesting, too. I will have to look for that podcast.

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