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Such a list of enticing reads here!
The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley has been on my list for a few months. I am attracted to and have read so very many books of winter travelers snowbound in a castle, manor house, inn, etc. that I feel I could write an anthology of this sub-genre. But they still appeal no matter how many I've read. I'll be interested to hear what you think about this one. If I read it, it will be by the end of March, and if not, it will be on my list for next winter.


Ooh, The Psychology of Time Travel sounds like a lot of fun - I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.


Perry is also on the second book in a new series about Daniel Pitt (son of Thomas and Charlotte), who has become a lawyer. He has a great supporting character in Miriam fford-Croft, the 30-ish daughter of Daniel's senior law partner and a medical-school trained doctor and pathologist (although she can't get a real degree because they won't allow a woman to have one). The first book was okay, but I really enjoyed the second one.

Café Society

The Stranger Diaries is excellent. I love Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway novel’s but haven’t enjoyed her Brighton series, so I approached this book rather warily. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope she is going to find a way of offering a follow up.


Thanks--i have ordered the Ann Perry from the library---i used to read a few of her books but this new series sounds great.Bit like Jane Thynne whose Clara Vine books sound similar.Have you tried them?


The Stranger Diaries is excellent and I am also enjoying The Hunting Party although only a chapter in so far but I have enjoyed all Lucy Foley's books so far.
Couldn't get on with the Nina Caplan book I'm afraid although it sounded perfect for me.


Now there is a good reading list--books with those wintry settings! I suspect there are a lot of books that would fit nicely. The Foley is sitting waiting for me--as per usual, I am trying to finish Something else first but it is so tempting to just grab it and dive in. Maybe with a snowy setting it might be a nice July book--when it is hot and I am feeling sticky, a good cold setting would be nice! :)


Doesn't it sound good? I heard about it on a podcast from Book Riot. I wonder if they had a UK copy as it does not seem to have been published here yet. Thank goodness for the Book Depository!


And I have the first of the Daniel Pitt books. I really need to pick it up as I didn't realize she had another one out already. And I thought I could get in on the ground level, so to speak. She has so many Victorian mysteries I will never catch up with those!! Glad to hear they get better, however!


I have only read the first couple of the Ruth Galloway books and I always mean to get back to them as I really liked her as a character. I haven't tried the Brighton books yet, but glad to hear The Stranger Diaries is good--I am on the list at the library for it. It comes out here in just a few more weeks!


I read a number of her Thomas and Charlotte Pitt books but then got a little burned out. I didn't quite click with the Monk books, but this new one really appeals. And I do want to try the Daniel Pitt books as well. I have the first Jane Thynne book--someone recommended her to me--aaaahhhh, now I want to pick that one up as well! ;) So many good mysteries to read!


Nonfiction can be iffy-especially travel narratives. Sometimes they are wonderful, but they can also be irritating depending on the voice of the writer! I will make sure I look for a library copy of the Caplan. The Foley novel is sitting on my TBR pile right now. I have a bit to wait for the Griffiths, which is probably not a bad thing considering how many other books I have on the go and how many library books are waiting for attention. I need to carve out more reading time--lately it seems to have been at a minimum. January was a good month for reading and finishing books, but this month has not been good at all and I feel it!!


I think you have to like the traveller and I wasn't sure that she and I would be good travelling companions!
The Griffiths is really good and I am now waiting impatiently for the next Ruth Galloway - I would definitely get on with her!

Funnily enough I had a really bad reading month in January but I am having a much better one in February - I seem to have got my reading mojo back and long may it last as I feel a bit lost when my reading isn't going according to how I think it should be!
I am still being a bit over enthusiastic in requesting books from the library and they still have a habit of all coming in at once!


I liked the first couple of Anne Perry books featuring the Pitts until I read a couple out of sequence and discovered that she had given away the plot twist of the previous book in each one which rather annoyed me.


I think my reading is wonky in part due to the lousy weather here. So cold and so snowy, which would, you would think, induce even more reading since you have to stay in, but I think I expend so much energy just getting about that there is nothing left over when I get home other than to eat, get my things ready for the next work day and then I fill up my hot water bottle (yes, I could not live without it in winter!) and then sink under the covers in bed. I have a hard time concentrating that late at night before sleeping so I usually can't manage reading and so space off in front of the TV. I hate it really. I want more light, longer days, sunshine and nicer weather but there is NONE in sight sadly. I agree with you when it comes to travellers--sometimes the narrator of a travel book just rubs me the wrong way and that is that. So as much as I like travel narratives I am very picky about them and it has been ages really since I have read any. I do want to get back to Carol Drinkwater's books, though, as I really enjoyed the first few I read--maybe I would need to go back and start from the beginning--or Annie Hawse's books on Italy (did I get her name right? Have you read her?)/ I have the next (which might just be the second one) Ruth Galloway in cloth and I think that is what puts me off starting it--lugging around yet another hardcover! Someone passed a used copy on to me and I should just buy a paperback and get it over with since I likely will anyway. Did you like her Brighton books? I do love Ruth--she was a great character from what I remember.


I read those Anne Perry books so long ago (I read quite a few as our library secretary kept loaning me her paperbacks) I would have to skim or something to pick up the thread--though maybe it really doesn't matter. I am not sure where I even left off. I couldn't get on with the Monk books, but maybe I need to give them another go. Totally unrelated--have you seen the recent remake of Vanity Fair by Thackeray? I am watching it on Amazon now, and like it so much I have pulled my copy off my shelves, but it is a chunky book and I am not good lately with big books. I want to read a classic and this would be perfect since I like Becky Sharp, even though she is something else! I have also been watching the remake of Howards End with Matthew McFayden and very much enjoying it. I love the Emma Thompson version so have been really reluctant to try any of the remakes.


You would think that wouldnt you but I know what you mean and I feel exactly the same: when the weather makes getting to and from work a constant battle all I do is have my meal, get into my pjs then either fall asleep in front of the TV or go to bed
really early. I think I really should be some sort of hibernatory creature and sleep from January to the end of March! I dont have a hot water bottle but the cats are pretty effective and the purring is sleep-inducing too!

You have had it bad this year- it hasnt been that extreme here this year and in fact is really very mild and springlike at the moment which is very nice but I cant help wondering when normal service will be resumed! I hope things
improve for you soon weatherwise - perhaps reading about somewhere like Italy or Provence would help? I liked the Carol Drinkwater books and loved the Annie Hawes ones. I still havent read the last one of hers that I bought so I must fish it out.

I like the Brighton set Elly Griffiths books - quite different from the Ruth Galloway series but very readable.

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Kathy A. Johnson

Books (or bookstore gift cards) make the best gifts, no matter what the holiday. There are several really intriguing books on here. Thank you for reminding me of Elly Griffiths. I read the first Ruth Holloway book years ago and really liked it, but simply lost track of it.

Definitely looking forward to The Hunting Party and The Psychology of Time Travel.


We have had the snowiest and coldest weather in like 10-12 years. We seem to be caught up in an endless cycle of snow and then a few days break but with bitter cold and then more snow. Saturday we got another 7-8 inches on top of all that came before. So much wet snow that they are still clearing the streets and the sidewalks are a huge mess. It makes walking home treacherous and I dread it. I need to get back to those travel books, too and back to Elly Griffiths.... Oh, so many books. I still miss having a cat. I could use a little companionship. I feel like such an old person these days... (not that only older people have cats, but you know what I mean).


And I am sure I will get a few more for the birthday I just had but have not celebrated! I have only read the first Elly G book, but need to pick up the next. If I recall correctly the first one ended on a cliffhanger...

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