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Kathy A. Johnson

The only one I've read is Circe, and I loved it. I'm currently knee deep in books, so will have to put reading any more of these off to a future date!


I have two of these on my Kindle so I'm super excited about that. Granted, by the time the winner is announced I will probably still not have read them but you know, reading goals! :)


I'm not following this year (I think this is my third, in a row, of not following, but I am still buried in my backlisted reading) but I am enjoying the news of it all. It's very hard to resist the ones that I've seen on the library shelves. *grimaces* What luck for you to have so many at your fingertips: lovely!


I am seriously knee deep in books, too. And the pile never seems to lessen only grow!! I keep meaning to read Circe--really want to and now have that extra push--but other books keep jumping in line ahead of it--lol.


I want to read a few of them before the winner is announced--I am always so gung ho when the list is revealed and then reality sets in and I look at all the other books I am in the middle of reading. But if I can read the three that I already own/have on my reading pile I will consider it a success! :)


All of a sudden all these book prize lists are being announced and I am pulled in all directions--finding new books I really want to read. I still, like you looking at your shelves, am trying to keep reading from my own book piles, but I am not good at resisting the women's prize--I at least want to read a few of them. I admire people who can stick to a list and read from it--read all the books on the list--something I have never managed to accomplish. But as I had these on my piles anyway and have had the intention of reading them--they get nudged up a bit.

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