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Thanks for the peek inside your book box! I’m glad this membership is working well for you. My problem with book clubs in the past has been I can’t decide what I want, lose the form or miss the cutoff for getting back to them, and end up with books I didn’t necessarily want. It sounds like BOMC has switched to a model like Audible where you get to choose when and how to use your credit(s) which I think works much better. I guess computers and the internet make it all possible. Anyhow, I still like to drool over Heywood Hill and other book subscription boxes so loved getting a look at your BOMC selections.


Bye, Three Book Rule! *looks out the window* :)


Luckily you don't get anything automatically and you have to tell them which book you want, otherwise I would end up with books that I wouldn't necessarily want to read either! Emails and snail mail forms tend to get lost in the shuffle with me, too. Sometimes I skip a month or two, so if I end up with too many unused credits I will likely stop my membership. I used to do Audible, but then I don't listen to enough audio books to make it worth my while! It is fun getting the NYRBs automatically however--still waiting for the March book to arrive.


And she watches the rule fly out the window without batting an eyelash. Auf wiedersehen....until next time rule. We shall meet again....some day.

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