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Kathy A. Johnson

I periodically run into the same problem--suddenly I have too many books on the go and it feels burdensome rather than stimulating and fun. Then I do what you're doing, choose one or two to finish before I'm allow to start anything new. A problem for those of us who want to read ALL the books :)

I'm also reading the Terry Tempest Williams, just a little at a time. And Jane Harper's second book, Force of Nature (so good) and... well, maybe it's time to focus on one or two books before I start anything new!


I think you are being hard on yourself Danielle! I'm pretty sure every reader has those periods where they can't find a book to settle on and flit from title to title until something catches and holds the attention.
Looks as though Kinsey might be your go- to read for re-setting your reading mojo!


Not any comment on you, although you've drawn a connection here yourself (hah!), but I really feel as though my experience with the "habitually cranky" reveals something quite other - that any sunny aspect of their disposition has been long buried and all that remains is the crankity-crank-crank-crank! :D Grafton is so great at pulling you through stories. She has a real talent for making it seem so easy!


I am such a mood reader, and I think that is part of my 'problem'/desire to have so many books started. I pick up books on a whim as I want a certain kind of story sometimes. I love it when a book pulls me in so much that I don't want to read anything else! Isn't the Terry Tempest Williams really lovely? And I want to read the Jane Harper, too. And a new Maisie Dobbs is coming soon...


Lately I have been seriously flitting!! I think the long winter and horrible weather is just making me cranky and frustrated. It makes me really tired to fight against the cold and the snow and the never ending icy sidewalks and then today yet more snow (and more than they anticipated). But I do have several really good books I am enjoying so having finished I by Sue Grafton moved right on to J and yes, I love Kinsey and she is the perfect distraction so onwards with the alphabet!!


Yes, those books just flow, don't they? It only took me longer with "I" as I wasn't getting very good reading time in. I think maybe everyone has cranky moments--I just don't want it to be my permanent state of being, if you know what I mean!!

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