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What a quaint little cover for that ILL. And I am craving an epistolary novel myself!


Actually that is the copy I wanted to order, but way too much money. The ILL is a hardcover edition--slim and easy in the hand at least but plain. This is not only something I was hoping to read, but I can cross it off the Read Harder challenge, too!

Kathy A. Johnson

Wow, both of those sound fantastic. I've been in the mood for (simultaneously) something comfortably cozy, and something a little different. Both of these sound like they'd fill the "a little different" role, but without pushing me too far outside my comfort zone.


The Australian book was perfect--just what I needed--as you say, different but not uncomfortably so. If she had written more, I would buy her other books!! Finishing the Monteihet now--very twisty turny and then plan on watching the movie adaptations!

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