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A lovely, lovely posting. Thank you. I am so fond of Gladys.


My goodness—I wouldn’t expect cooking splatters in a book like this! Other than that, it sounds like a delightful annual read. Are you going to try any of the recipes?


P.S. I’m still working on March prompt book: The School of Essential Ingredients by Érica Bauermeister — it’s the kind of book I enjoy reading slowly and savoring. But I’m ready for April prompt Keep it Short (short stories, essays, poems) which should be fun.

Penny O'Neill

I have this book as well as several others of Gladys Tabor, having collected them some years ago. I love this one, especially with the stains and reminders of lives led.


I look forward to my monthly chapter read and really should pick up something else by her to just read straight through. She is such a charming writer!


I did wonder when I got the book and flipped through it what all that was about, but after reading the chapter--surely that must be what he spots are from! I am not a meat eater, but she had a few recipes for veggies and a three-bean salad that seem pretty straightforward that might be fun to try!


I can see how these would be keepers and I would have anyway, but there is something sort of comforting about someone else getting happy use out of the book, too. Someday I will pass them on. I will have to see which books my local used bookstore has by her--I spotted some of her books last time I was there.

Kathy Johnson

I love traces of other readers, too. The jotted note, the highlighted phrase, the left behind flotsam in a library book. Did you ever read the book Forgotten Bookmarks? It was fun to see all the things left behind in books. I follow @forgottenbookmarks on Instagram, too.


Oh, thanks for the title suggestion and the IG account--I will look them both up. I love finding ephemera in books. It is fun to see old airline boarding passes and bookmarks from the store the book was bought or postcards. I have found a few fun things. You wonder what the stories are that are attached to books that have been owned before.

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