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As always, I envy your NYRB subscription for the wide range of books they send you. I like books with a mix of materials, but don’t think I’ve ever read one with so much variety as that. Good luck with a chapter a day approach. I’m currently reading In a Summer Season, a short novel by Elizabeth Taylor, for an online bookgroup, and I’m having a hard time making progress despite the wonderful aphoristic prose which reminds me of a little of Barbara Pym. I’m trying to read some every day even if it’s just a few pages, and the bookmark has slowly moved closer to the end. But sometimes a good book comes along at the wrong time, if you know what I mean—just bad timing.


I must admit that some I like/enjoy more than others but I am happy to have any of them on my shelves. I am not quite sure what I think of this one. I am at least trying to read a few pages every day as some of the chapters are on the long side and it seems a story that calls for consistency. I would love--Some Day--to actually read all the books I receive in the year. Not sure this will be the year-lol! I love Elizabeth Taylor, but I totally get the timing thing with books--it may be something you love--just not at this particular moment! Once the bookmark makes it past the halfway mark I always feel better and feel like I am actually making progress!! So, I have a question, since you dropped by! I am getting a little behind my prompt books, but I think I will finish this month's with no problem. I am thinking now of April which is quickly coming. It is "Rain or Shine" which sounds really good, but I am having a slightly hard time picking books. I guess I can interpret that literally or just figuratively--as in at least the words are in the title.... I was thinking I could challenge myself and pick a story with a lot of rain and one with a lot of shine (or sunny heat). The rain part of the equation is not coming up with the results I was hoping. I have found a few books on my shelves--where rain plays some sort of role. I am finding that crime novels often have that weather/atmosphere element to them. Can you think of any novels off hand that would fit? I always appreciate your suggestions!


Funny, but I recently read a book called “Come Rain or Shine” by Jan Karon (about a wedding and #13 In a series). The prompt sounds great. Rain? It was a dark and stormy night! I just reread “Fog of Doubt” by Christianna Brand, where the fog is a key factor but I don’t think it rains. There’s lots of weather in Sherlock Holmes stories. In one of the Susan Hill mysteries, there’s a heavy rainstorm that uncovers a body. I’m thinking of rainy places — The beach? A story set in San Francisco? A shipwreck story like Robinson Crusoe? Somerset Maugham wrote a short story called “Rain” set in the tropics, I believe. And awhile ago I read a great book about the coming of the monsoon in India, probably the rainiest book I know. There’s Hagseed, Margaret Atwood’s reinterpretation of The Tempest—I don’t know if it actually rains so the tempest might be metaphorical. And Robertson Davies has an excellent novel called Tempest Tost about an amateur theatrical production of The Tempest. Good luck with your search! I’ve got to get reading to finish my March prompt book this week ;)


Thanks so much for all the ideas--it helps to share book suggestions as one book idea inevitably leads to another! I like the idea of a rain related word in a title of the book even if the story doesn't have so much to do about weather and yes, crime novels seem particularly good at weather-related atmosphere!

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