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Oh, you definitely are not the last to read Normal People. It does sound good from your teaser. The Women’s Prize for Fiction list this year looks very tempting. Since I already have The Silence of the Girls on the TBR and have Circe and Milkman on the wishlist , I’ll probably read those and then see. For March’s prompt, I was going to go with Something Blue (book with blue cover), but switched it up to “Something Beautiful”. “The School of Essential Ingredients” by Érica Bauermeister has such a pretty cover and is a pleasant size to read in hard cover, that so far it makes me happy every time I pick it up (as does the evocative prose about cooking). Looking forward to your March pick!


I was surprised that I had several of the books and more surprised as I went to order the list of books for the library that we already own most of them. I think there must be more US authors than normal or they simply, for once, have already been published in the US. Ah, I see your March prompt now! I have switched topics before, too. I have something Blue as a prompt later in the year, I think. I have heard of Erica Bauermeister's books--are they about cooking/bread making? If I am thinking of the right author, her covers are very tempting!


“The School of Essential Ingredients” is definitely about cooking. This is the first of Érica Bauermeister’s books I’ve read so don’t know about the others....yet ;)


I hadn't even heard about this book until recently when I saw the list. I like the sound of it and will be looking forward to your review!


I am not a very enthusiastic cook, but I like reading about cooking! I iwll have to look this one up. Have you read any of Louise Miller's books? She is also really good!


I am enjoying it. It is sort of young-college-age-people angsty, but I am still drawn into the lives of the characters--even if they feel so young. She is a good writer!

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