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This sounds so atmospheric and wonderfully wet! And I like grumpy Maigret. I’d be grumpy in all that rain, too. Lol

Kathy Johnson

I must get to Maigret. Do you know if the books need to be read in order? I know there are a lot of them...


I love Maigret--even more than Poirot but then I prefer Mrs Marple over Poirot anyway. I know this is not the case these days, but I love how he'll just pop into a cafe for a glass of pernod or something! And Mrs M looks out for him. It ended up being a perfect rainy book!


Yes, you will like him. Simenon wrote masses of books and many are no longer in print--at least here and in English. No worries about reading in any order. Just pick up whatever sounds appealing. They have all been really good. I recall quite liking (a more recent read) the Saint-Fiacre Affair. You will be able to find lots of used copies for cheap, too--always a good thing.


When it's raining I am grumpy too! (French people are often grumpy, to say the truth). I had no idea that canal locks didn't exist everywhere! I probably need to read another Maigret soon.


I would probably fit right in there, then, as I lean towards grumpiness in certain situations--lol. I think there must be some here in the US, too, but I have never seen any in Nebraska! By the way--so glad that envelope with the stories finally reached you!!

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