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Perhaps you could retire from organized projects such as these? Maybe embrace the flow a little more? It might also be less stressy that way as well.

If I task myself with a big reading project, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to want to read anything BUT... :-)

Kathy Johnson

I understand the push/pull of wanting to expand your reading horizons while still enjoying the reading itself. I think meanderings and side roads are some of the best parts of reading, which shouldn't just be another chore on our list. After all, the bare fact that you read (and read widely) is what's most "important" here!


I do think I need to let a few of these things go--I mean there are projects I like to work on but I think I definitely need to let go the stress of feeling I am Not accomplishing things. If I read books in whatever little project great, and if not that's okay too. I am getting better at not feeling like I "have" to do things (like posting here regularly but more just when I feel like I want to...).


Meanderings I can do and do well-lol. I am getting better at the need to 'complete' everything. I mean who cares anyway, right? No one here will know if I don't finish a book.... And even if they do know I think no one will mind either way!! I just need to appreciate the 'in progress' part of reading and whatever is attached to it!!


This is why I have given up on reading challenges: I don't get anywhere near completing them and then feel I'm a failure!
I have to keep reminding myself that I read for my own pleasure so beating myself up because I haven't read books that I would probably not gave picked for myself is even more illogical than I am usually!

One of the good things about getting older is that I no longer feel I have to persist with a book I am not enjoying: if it doesn't work for me in some way then I have no compunction about giving up and turning to something I like better.

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