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Same with the weather here. I have a lot of new plants that are waiting for it to be warm enough to spend the nights outside! My kids used to make peanut-butter/seed smeared pinecones to hang out for the birds- but a squirrel would take the whole thing and run off with it.

Sounds like a very thoughtful book.


The weather here is pretty changeable too. We have had warm sunny days swiftly followed by wet, grey ones followed by cold, foggy ones and mornings can be quite different from mid-day so it is quite hard to work out what to wear each morning.
We are promised a settled period of warm weather in the near future but I think I will believe it when I see it.

Les in OR

My Facebook memories showed that we had snow on this day in 2013 (in Lincoln). I have to say that I don't miss that fickle Midwest weather, now that we live on the Oregon coast!

Kathy Johnson

I wish we had more distinct seasons--hot and humid and cold and humid is about all we get. I shouldn't complain, though, as we've had a few nice days with low humidity lately. It looks like we've just entered our summer pattern of heat/humidity/afternoon showers.


I used to have bird feeders and always tried to hang them from places where I thought the squirrels could not reach them, but they are certainly determined and almost always got into them. I have not hung them up for a few years now. I also had a birdbath that I liked and would enjoy watching the birds use, but it cracked and is no more. We are now in a rainy week. All day, every day rain it seems. I never know how to dress (usually more layers than everyone else as I seem perpetually cold!).


Yes, that is spring I guess. I don't want Hot weather, but a little warmer and nice enough to sit outside and eat my lunch would be welcome. I think so far I have only managed maybe two or three days. And now so much rain. Better than snow, however. Some places are still getting snow!!


I wondered if you were the Les who lived here in Nebraska but the OR threw me off. So nice to hear from you-how have you been? Lucky you to be in OZR now. We had so much snow (and now lots of rain) that it has caused a lot of awful flooding. I feel sorry for those folks not so very far away who have lost their homes and land to it all. I am fortunate as Omaha has mostly been okay. Fickle is a very apt description.


I don't envy you the humidity that comes with your nice weather. I can barely manage the summer months of it. I like that the seasons change, but anymore it seems like spring and fall, which are my faves, are so short as to be almost nonexistent!!

Les in OR

Yes, I'm the Les who used to live in Nebraska (and my blog name back then was Prairie Horizons). Made the switched to when we moved to the Oregon coast two years ago. I'm glad Omaha has been ok with regard to the rain/flooding, but I see that there was a terrible storm a few days ago, with a tornado touching down in southwest Lincoln. Hope you didn't have any trouble with that one as it moved closer to Omaha!


Mindset is a powerful thing. It's funny how those kind of tidbits remain perfectly relevant no matter how many years have passed since the time of writing.


The book is quite quaint but not in a overly nostalgic way. A lot of what she writes about is really very relevant for now even if some references might feel a little dated. I can see why her books were to appealing to so many people.

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