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It's always hard to practice restraint at a library sale!


woow! To think that 30$ would have gotten you maybe 2 brand new hardbacks! Don't feel bad. You're contributing to the recycling economy ;)


Wow! Great shopping! So many good mysteries: Sharyn McCrumb, Sue Grafton, Barbara Michaels, British Crime Classics, Amanda Cross — I didn’t realize she wrote short stories and will have to look for that one. And so many other good books! I love the library, but reading your own copy with no deadline is so much more appealing :)


Library book sales are impossible to resist, aren't they?


And the money goes to a good cause, so why should I feel guilty?!


Right--saving paper, helping the public library, making space on their shelves for more books for other readers....Anymore, you could not even buy two hardcovers for that much money--maybe two paperbacks! It is shocking how expensive books have gotten.


They always have loads of mass market mysteries and I am amazed at how many trade size, good publishers, mysteries I find, too. I passed many a good book by, too!! As much as I borrow library books, I don't read so many of them for that reason--I can never keep up with those due dates--not of the new releases anyway.


Yes! I had not gone since winter was in full force so I treated myself it seems (making up for lost time?!).


Exactly! It's the one time I let myself really splurge each year.


Went to our sale last month; spent $22 one day (2 reusable grocery bags) and $9 the next (one half grocery bag). Got some good stuff. I am always saying I will only buy the stuff I *need*, but the books I *need* are still fairly new and no one has disposed of them yet! So I see other tempting things instead...

Kathy Johnson

Your library sales are much better than mine! That won't stop me from going next month, though. Enjoy gloating over your loot!


In my case, my library has Monthly! library sales....


Me, too. I have a nice library book bag that they gave away at a previous sale that fits an amazingly lot of books in it. Where else can you get SO many books for so little money? This weekend I went through and made places for the books on my shelves and piles... I was a little more indulgent this time around than last...


Seeing as the sales are every month you would think that there would not be such a great selection, but people in Omaha must really recycle books and they give them to the public library it seems. Their shelves are always chock full!! I have a book picked out for the read harder challenge for the epistolary novel task--though technically I have already one epistolary novel already this year. Why just one when you can read two or three...


Oh I am so envious! It has been a very long time since I had a spend on books and those pics are very appealing!
I've read the Sue Graftons, the Sharyn McCrumb and one of the Barbara Michaels' but not any of the others - what fun finding space for all of them!

Kathy Johnson

Laughing at "why just one when you can read two or three"! Our library sales seem to be twice a year, but they also have a bookstore at my local branch that I almost always stop in and investigate. During the book sales, the already low prices are cut in half, so there's that added attraction.

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