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I love this series and am so glad you are enjoying it. Reading the books so close together in time will help a bit as the series continues, and parts of some stories carry over from one letter to another. The books do get longer and evolve a bit as they go on, but I enjoyed pretty much all of them. I don’t think there’s anyone else quite like Kinsey with her runner accessory ;) or Henry or Rosie....

Kathy Johnson

Now every time I see a Kinsey book I think of you!

Anne Roy

Once she finishes with the A - Z for Kinsey she might start on numbers One is for ...


I do love these stories and hope I can just keep reading them steadily--not exactly back to back but in a timely-ish manner. They do overlap, and while I think it doesn't matter if you read them in order, she does refer to cases and people and it is fun making those connections while I read. And best--she totally cracks me up. For crime novels they are never too heavy or dark yet the mystery aspect is entirely satisfying, too.


Kinsey is my favorite character, I think. She even surpasses Maisie Dobbs (still love Maisie, but Maisie is so very serious these days and I think she does not get much joy out of life....). How crazy, but these characters are like real people to me!


Sadly Sue Grafton passed away last year --she got all the way to Y. Z remains unwritten. In a way I don't mind as Kinsey will always be out there somewhere--I would hate to think of her stories coming to a real end. As for numbers, there are the books by Janet Evanovich who wrote a series starting with One for the Money--and the books are such a hoot. I need to get back to those, too....

gina in alabama

I recommend L is for Lawless which takes Kinsey to Louisville, KY which was Sue Grafton's home in real life. I lived there too for several years in the 80s going to university and it was a wonderful place, especially beautiful in the spring. I saw Sue Grafton once in Louisville at a book signing. It was at Hawley Cooke Booksellers on the Shelbyville Road. She had such a long line waiting for her that I lurked/hid behind a shelf and watched her sign books. I wish still that I had had the courage to tell her how much I enjoyed her books, but I didn't, and now I can't.

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