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I love Isabel. Her inner thoughts are my favorite parts of the series.


I have read this one ages ago (2006?) but I hadn't been to Edinburgh and I don't remember much of the book (except the victim falling from the upper concert hall, I think about it every time I attend a concert or show). I do prefer the African mysteries of McCall Smith, they're quite cozy too!


I think I like her so much because she is, at least a little bit, like me (or maybe I am like her). I really like those quiet observations as well!


I think every time I go to the theater now I will think of it, too! I like Isabel a lot, but I am still only at the beginning so looking forward to experiencing her world more. I tried the first of AMS's African mysteries, but the first one did not click with me. However, I tried it so long ago now-I recall that it seemed as though that first book was stories, which I generally love, but wasn't what I wanted at the time. I really need to try those books again--maybe skip to the second one. I think they were filmed for TV. Did you ever see any of the shows?


I like the description "the literary equivalent of herbal tea and a cozy fire." That's exactly what the Isabel series is like. Yes, there's murder or a crime, but I like her way of philosophically solving it. And sometimes her thought process can lead her off in wrong directions.

I'm not sure there even is a Sunday Philosophy Club. Other than a couple men who try to do battle with her philosophy journal, it's always just Isabel.

I love it when I see a new book in the series.


There was a television adaptation of AMS's African mysteries series some years ago here I remember. I think I'd like Isabel Dalhousie more though. I've already discovered I can request the book through ILL. Seriously tempted now.


I've been wondering if the club actually exists. She has mentioned it in passing, but doesn't seem to making any real plans. She has been talking about working on a special index, which doesn't really delight her but needs to be done and editing articles. I hope the philosophy is not over my head, but I like all the rest---the moral dilemmas she brings up. The murders/accidents, at least in this story, seems relatively tame. No real sleuthing perhaps, but she has started to ask questions. I will have to see how many books there are and how often they come out. I so far only have a vague-ish picture of her in my mind.


I don't think that TV adaptation has ever aired here in the US. I think you might like Isabel--the book is not terribly long--less than 250 pages and my copy does not have teeny tiny print. If you can request via ILL and they won't charge you maybe you can at least take a look at it. It is a genteel sort of mystery I think!


No i didn't see them on tv but they were on the BBC radio as an adaptation and it was quite exotic and fun!


I love radio adaptations so will have to check it out. I think the TV versions are actually on either Netflix or Amazon prime as I was looking for new things to add to my list ladt night!

I adore Isabel. Mum and I read about twelve of them together. I pretend that she is still here when I read them now. I can't wait for the next one.

The African series is enjoyable too, but I found the first one a bit creepy. Also, I prefer the Edinburgh setting.

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