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Sam Sattler

I have done the Goodreads challenge for the last several years and find that it helps to keep me focused - but like you, I'm not always thrilled with the recap picture at year's end. I'm ahead right now but that's mainly because I shot pretty low based entirely on how little reading I could do last year. So far this has been a better year for reading time.


I do the GoodReads Reading Challenge but I count only books read in English and owned. That's why I have the same goal for this year as for last year (did meet the challenge then)and a totally unimpressive one at that: twelve books. I hope to read the same amount in Dutch, which would mean two a month, it would be great if it could be three a month but I don't want to aim too high and loose my reading joy.


I have been doing the GoodReads challenge even if I don't write much about most of the books. I just like to track them even if I also track them on my own excel spreadsheet. Thank you for the fun links. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


I think I might have done better last year had I not waited until almost the end of the year to log my books on GR (and then saw how far behind I was). It does help--having that little prompt tell you you are behind (or ahead, though rarely the case with me) 'X' number of books! Why is it that to me some books look so nice on the list and other look like--should I have been spending my time on 'that' book??!! Of course by the middle of next year I won't be thinking of what I did not did not read this year!!


I also did not meet last year's goal--hence my trying again this year. Better to keep the bar low I think! I think it should count as more that at least half the books you are reading are in another language. Totally impressive in my book. I am trying not to get caught up in goals too much these days, or not to feel bad if I stray from the ones I do set. I think I am getting better at letting go some of that stuff to be honest!


I sort of hate that I am not really writing about the books I have finished--if only I do go back sometimes just to get a sense of a book if it happens to be in a series and I am trying to catch up. I feel so much less guilt these days, or maybe pressure is the word at not feeling like I HAVE to be writing and blogging all the time. I am still doing my excel spreadsheet, too, though I do need to catch up on that one!


Don't do challenges - I have tried but I always fail and it turns reading from fun to something more akin to a chore.
Reading the Ruth Galloway books however is pure joy - I envy you having so many to work through as I have to wait until (hopefully) the next one comes out because I always devour them as soon as they are published!

Kathy Johnson

I don't do well on challenges usually, but I try to let them nudge me into reading a little more adventurously without turning reading into another chore. I'm reading more this year than last year, but I'm not sure if I'm reading "better." Just about to make a summer reading list for myself--I think I'm going to tackle the first volume of Mark Twain's Autobiography. Yikes.


You know I track all this stuff, for just the reason you've described, in that, otherwise, I don't really have a way to look at what I've been spending time on and what I've been overlooking (while espousing to be interested in that too). *laughs at self* I'm a little ahead on my GR challenge as well, but I'm also a little low on some of the other goals I set myself along the way, but it's only May and that's okay. (Also, I love The New House - such a satisfying story. I think you'll adore it.)


I don't do Goodreads challenges, but I use Goodreads to track how many books I read and also which ones I need to write about on the blog. Also, I'm totally in love with the Guardian list, I will print it out and have it closeby next time I go to the library.


I have already, sort of, mentally abandoned all but my own reading challenge--and that is my monthly prompt, which is essentially just an excuse to pick a new book to read each month--lol. I do like the GR challenge which is just a goal of how many books to read in a year. I have kept it simple and obtainable, but logging them as I go means I can gauge whether or not I am going to make it to that final number. Usually I don't think about it until fall and by then I am so off that I feel like I am in a race to get to that number I mentally set. This way it tells you if you are on track or falling behind, which is nice. I am totally enjoying The Janus Stone and have the next one lined up. It is nice knowing I have so many more good ones to look forward to--like the Grafton books!


This is exactly why I like to try to join in a few challenges--it is inspiration for reading outside my usual reading choices. And if I decide to abandon the challenge--which I usually do halfway through the year, that is okay, too. My summer reading is the Japanese Lit I have been picking up. I would say Mark Twain is a good summer choice! Just how many volumes are there anyway??


I am thoroughly enjoying The New House--I read her book Fenny some years ago and totally loved it too. I may have to reread that one at some point. And while I am only sort of following some reading goals this year, I am finding the 'setting a total number of books to read' a very good idea. This way I know if I am getting really far behind. Since I kept the ultimate goal pretty low, I think if nothing else I will manage that and maybe even a few more books. Normally the end of the year approaches and I see how many more books I need to read to reach that goal, and by then it is usually too late! :( And I like that you can see the books read via their covers as it very loosely gives me an idea of what I have been spending my time with and whether they were the books I had (at least mentally) set out to read this year--already I have started adjusting...


I am only a GR lurker by and large, but I like logging my books. I am trying to reach 80 books this year, which will be just a few more than last year. If I keep track I can see if I am keeping up with that goal. I wanted to do other challenges, but I have mostly fallen into a 'read according to mood' pattern--which is normally how my reading pans out! I forgot about that Guardian list--it is a good one. I should look it up again.

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