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Love the story of the little girl and the dog biscuits! I’m enjoying the extracts you’ve shared — great sense of the outdoors and nature!


Since all four of my children consumed cat food at some point in their lives and reached adulthood safely, I'm sure it does no harm at all. They all have very thick and glossy hair too!

Kathy Johnson

Liz, I remember as a child trying the dry cat food our cat ate because I thought it smelled good! It did NOT taste good.

Kathy Johnson

I love books like this, that help us to slow down and appreciate the beauties of each season. I complain long and bitterly about the weather in Florida, but I do also enjoy the stunning skies, and all the green growing things around.


That family tree and various notations probably would have come in handy. But I suppose when we begin a year-long reading project, we're only half thinking about how long that year really is. Rather like the observation about how amazing it is to consider the dramatic changes that landscape undergoes in just a few months' time (where one has seasons, that is).


Well they only ever tried it once each so I am guessing they didn't enjoy the taste!


That cracked me up. I guess if it doesn't hurt the dog, it wouldn't hurt the kid, right? But the idea of it....ick.


Ha, that cracks me up! Is just a fictional cliche--the idea of elderly people having to eat tins of cat food b/c they can't afford food? (I think I might opt for the cheap though bad for you ramen noodles!). I can only imagine what I ate off the floor when I was little!


I think it is probably really beautiful where you live and you are close to the ocean, too. But I am not sure I could manage the humidity and heat. You know how I am here where it is also hot and humid, but not as bad as FL! I try and appreciate the nicer days--but they seem few and far in between. But I do love this book and taking the time to think about the seasons anyway!


I think in the end it doesn't matter. The stories she tells about the people are just as entertaining whether or not I know how they are all related. I always think it would be fun to find a cool place in the city and then once a month go to that same spot and take a photograph and see how the landscape alters. Maybe next year I could do it. Or maybe July 1 I could start and do July to July....


And that is a Good thing. You wonder how animals go back to it so eagerly if the taste is so awful, but we must have better palates! ;)

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