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I bogged down in the middle of Kinsey's alphabet, but rallied right around O or P & liked the rest of the series. How sad we'll never get a Z.

Just started the Elly Griffith's Ruth Galloway series but since my library doesn't have them all, I'm not reading in sequence. I think that's a mistake & have requested the earlier ones that I've missed.


I think all long running series have their flat spots with stories which don't quite engage the reader. I don't recall that with the Kinsey stories but then it has been a long time since I read most of them so I could have just glossed over it!
I have never managed to get along with Alexandet McCall Smith's books, much though I would like to as I know a lot of people who love them. I have tried three different series but have yet to get more than a quarter of the way in before giving up. Don't know what it is - maybe I just don't like light entertainment in books any more than I like it on TV!

Daisy Dalrymple has passed me by too - probably for the same reason although I read a few of the Dandy Gilver books which are along the same lines and quite enjoyed them so who knows? I know what you mean about the over-use of certain words though; it's as though the writer wants to use a bit of period 'colour' but only knows a few phrases which all gets a bit boring after a while.
A book that got period language exactly right is Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce - definitely one to look out for if you want to read about WW2 London.
Glad you are enjoying the Ruth Galloway - I have enjoyed all Elly Griffiths' books both crime and the Italian family books she writes under her real name of Domenica De Rosa - and having met her very briefly at the Harrogate Crime Festival a few years back (the signing queue was HUGE) she seemed as likeable as her characters.
I loved I Let You Go and the twist caught me out - it is the sort of book that keeps you up until you have finished!


What a terrific stack of mysteries. You really do make me want to gather up a stack and fall in!


The only upside to Sue Grafton's not having finished the series is the idea that Kinsey is still out there somewhere living her life and investigating. I will be curious to see where she ends up as I get closer to the end of the series. I actually am happy that things will not be all tied up neat and tidy. But I know what you mean that there is just One letter left! I liked K but the book or so before was just okay. I am not sure about L yet. I have not properly started it (finishing the second Elly Griffiths first). I have a feeling that you might want to at least read the first few books in order as the first one ended with a sort of personal cliffhanger--though you'll already have gotten that little twist out of the way!


I think if you approach Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie books more as light fiction, they might work better? I had mixed feelings about it to be honest. I like cozy-ish mysteries, but that one just was sort of okay. I liked Isabel a lot, but maybe not that kind of sleuthing. And while Agatha Christie is not technically cozy--I guess I always thing of her as more traditional mysteries without the edgy rawness some crime books have. Maybe that is as cozy as I like to get. I don't know what to do about Daisy Dalrymple. I loved the first books--I just read #9 and that is the one that was more of a slog than an enjoyment. I have almost all of them, though, and hate the idea of giving up along the way. They are fun reads, but that last one was a little too twee, if you know what I mean. I like the Britishisms, but a few go a really long way! So, we'll see. Even the so-so Kinsey books are still pure enjoyment and she is such a hoot, if the mystery aspect is not as strong as other stories, I still enjoy them. I am thoroughly enjoying the second Ruth Galloway book I have been reading and plan on continuing on--I have the next two books on my pile! And you mentioned her Italy books, and I bought a couple of those some time back as well. Really need to pick up one of those soon. I recently bought Mrs Bird at the bookstore as it just came out here in paperback, so that is waiting. And as soon as I finish with Ruth I will properly get going with I Let You Go. So many good books on the go (and ready to read)--I wish I had more reading stamina at night like I used to--able to stay up well into the night, but now I might manage a page or two and then I have to give up and turn off the lamp. I get up too early these days.


You should! I am still not caught up with you with the Kinsey Millhone books, but I am making good progress.

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