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This is an absolutely fascinating post Danielle.
I have this impression I'm going to learn a lot about Japan in the months to come. I might even try the few books I own,I think you wrote a review of both The Buddha in the Attic and When the Emperor Was Divine (Julie Otsuka) some years ago. I did revisit your summer in The Netherlands
earlier today. Loved that too.


Oh thank you for linking your Netherlands posts because we're going back there this year and I love to read books by authors or settings of the places I'll see. As far as Japanese literature I really enjoy Banana Yoshimoto and Haruki Murakami. I also just read The Master Key by Masako Togawa. So good! Can't wait to see which books you discover.


I have been reading Fumiko Enchi so far and she is really good, and I get the feeling a rather important woman writer. I really do want to sit down and share what I have been reading--have been reading, too, about the masks used in Noh Theater and jotting down all sorts of references--I think I should be reading Tale of Genji alongside it as she talks about that book and riffs on the themes. I was just looking at a book by Julie Otsuka last night--I want to start more books, but I am moving rather slowly at the moment and that is okay, too.


I read some good writers from the Netherlands and bought many many more--I hope you can find something good in my archives--how cool that you will be going there again. Something to look forward to. I want to read something by Banana Y. I read her first book but since--nothing more and I need to. Thanks for the heads up on the Togawa--I don't have that one. And really need to read more Murakami!! Such good books to look forward to.


In case you need some more books, I can recommend you a few for your project: Ito Ogawa, The Restaurant of Love Regained, Salad Anniversary by Tawara Machi (a poetry book, one of my favorites!), Banana Yoshimoto, Hardboiled, Hard Luck (Jap. 1999, Eng. 2005), Yoko Ogawa, Secrete Cristallization, I have reviewed all of them in my blog.

Denise Rogers

If you like mysteries (and I know you do), there's Seicho Matsumoto's Points and Lines (or any of his mysteries). I'm reading Once and forever: The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa, and I hope to get to I Am A Cat by Soseki Natsume. And then there's The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide and then The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa (I just read this one a few weeks ago). Something of a theme here... :)


Thanks so much. I am ordering the Restaurant of Love Regained to start with (I had just ordered Moshi Moshi) and will see if I can find library copies of the others. The book by Yoko Ogawa is not yet published here. So many great books--thanks for the suggestions--I want them all of course. I will likely just keep reading from my piles through the rest of the year (why limit myself to just summer?!).


The Japanese love cats, don't they? At least they seem to write a lot of stories about cats, which is totally cool with me, of course, also being a fan! You will have to let me know how the books go and if I should particularly get one or another. It seems used copies of the Matsumoto are very expensive so I have put in an ILL request for the book you mention here-thanks!

Denise Rogers

Will do!

Kathy Johnson

What a great theme for a summer reading project. It sounds like you're off to a great start. I don't have anything to recommend, as I think the only Japanese novels I've read I've taken from your blog posts, but I've loved them, so will be following along with you for more recommendations.


Movies are often a starting point for me, when it comes to reading projects, as well. You've got a massive stack there: enjoy! (Yesterday at the coffee shop, the fellow sharing my table was reading 1Q84 - I loved the bits about the cats in there.)




I hope to read a variety of books and I am off to a good, if slow, start. I am really enjoying both books I am reading now--a memoir and a classic, which I will write about soon.


And I don't even have all the books I own in that pile. I have a lot of crime novels and some other classics that 'live' elsewhere. I started IQ84 last year (?) and I liked what I read, but it was such a thick/hefty book that I sort of gave up dragging it around. Perhaps I will be inspired to pick it up again, but I have plenty of shorter novels for the time being. I have been watching some animated films and the Ozu movies have been really amazing. I want to watch more of his stuff, though I suspect that what is showing at the indie theater is the best of the best of his work. I will have to revisit the movies, I guess. Is it weird that I want a story in book format that is what I have been watching in those movies?! I am thinking that maybe Tanizaki will have a book or two that has that same feel to it. And I think there is loads more film to explore as well--but to get through the Ozu stuff first--I think the movie run ends mid-late June.

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