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Café Society

I read every Paretsky novel as it is published. Much as I enjoy Mallhone, I think VI is far superior and I am seriously envious of you still having all of the series to read. Have you read Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway novels? They are set in Norfolk and centre round Ruth who is a forensic archaeologist. The first is called The Crossing Places. I strongly recommend them.


I'm really curious about the Anna Lee Huber series. I love the one featuring Lady Darby so I have high hopes for this one too. I love mysteries but I feel like lately I keep discovering new series and probably should spend some time going back to some favorites and see what my favorite characters are up to! Can't wait to see what you end up choosing.


How funny that you mention Elly Griffiths as that is what I ended up starting. I could not find the first Paretsky, which I know I own--Somewhere!! I really wanted to start with the first one. As the Griffiths was sitting by my bedside....and I had been meaning to get to her anyway.... And I am very into the story, so maybe it is just as well, so nice to get back to Ruth. I am only on the second book in the series--I read the first when it first came out, so ages ago! And nice to know VI is even better than Kinsey, and I love Kinsey!


There are SO many good mystery series out there, aren't there? And always so many new ones to discover and I am not even really trying to find them. The Huber book looks so good, and I think she actually has several series she writes, but this setting appeals to me. I have been wanting to stick with a ew series, but other than Kinsey Millhone I am dipping into various ones. Have you read the Ruth Galloway books?


Although I haven't "met" most of your sleuths (I did try V.I. Warshawski a really long time ago, but didn't get hooked), I am a total fan of Mick Herron's Slough House series. I don't usually read spy novels but tried the first one in the series on a whim and then tore through the rest of them. While they do have their grimmer aspects, they are also very, very funny and twisty. There are also a couple of "stand alones" (e versions available on Amazon) which are essentially longish short stories set in the same universe and using some of the same background characters. One of these can be read in an hour or so; if you like them, you'll like the books. And -- a new full length novel in the series is due out in June! I've marked my calendar.

Denise Rogers

There are so many sleuths I follow (bookwise). Oddly enough, I saw the Runcie book at the library today and even though I have read all the others, I just didn't feel like I wanted to read this one. I did pick up the new Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway book. I read the Charles Todd series and the Charles Finch series, too. There was a series I loved written by Hannah March (who was actually a male writer), but he's not writing those anymore. He did write some other books under the name Jude Morgan (but not mysteries). Imogene Robertson also has a mystery series, but I haven't seen anything new from her in that series in quite some time.


Too bad about VI, but there are plenty of other sleuths out there to meet! The beauty of reading is there is always another book around the corner. You make me want to pick up the first Mick Herron book right now! And I see he also has written mysteries, but I better stick with Slough House to start. I cannot tell you how many times I have picked that book up! I didn't realize he had written so many books--must catch up....


I have only read the first Runcie book, and I must admit my shellowness in being particularly drawn to the cover of the most recent book. I was sort of thinking it actually came around at the right time as maybe it is good to read his backstory now before I get too far into the series. I think I read one book (historical fiction, right) by Jude Morgan and I knew it was a male author. Sort of curious that a man is writing under a woman's name--especially when the reverse was traditionally the more common. I love this second Ruth Galloway book and am happy that the third is already on my pile. I have read some of the Bess Crawford books by Charles Todd (which series do you follow?) but nothing by Charles Finch--yet. Maybe just as well as I really don't need to pick up yet more new mystery series! :)

Denise Rogers

I follow both the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford series, but I like the Ian Rutledge series better.

Kathy Johnson

I'm catching up on your posts this weekend, Danielle--I've missed you!

And of course, this post is right up my alley. So many good series out there. I'm writing down some of the ones you listed in this post, and I'm putting in my vote for Patricia Wentworth's Miss Silver series.

Speaking of series, I just found out that FictFact is closed! I don't know what I'm going to do without them to keep track of where I am in my series. I haven't been able to find anything remotely like them for keeping track.


I am usually very fickle in my book series (not in DVDs), but I do read every Harry Bosch, which is really exceptional for me. same for Bernie Gunther's rather hard-boiled historical mysteries. Also, for French mother's day, Mr S got me the latest DVD of the Grantchester series, so I'm intrigued by the back story of Sidney Chambers!


I have only read the first Rutledge book and by now I think it has been so long I should really start over. I like the Bess Crawford books, but I don't Love them, if you know what I mean.


I feel like I have been very absent, too. I have lots I want to write about but have been so busy--both at work and at home, that I have fallen behind. And I am feeling very out of the loop--not even peeking in on IG much lately. I was just looking at some of my Miss Silver mysteries--I was sorting out and straightening some piles of mystery novels and came across several. I always think of you when I see them! Well, that shows you how little I have been online--didn't realize that fictfact went away. That's too bad as they used to send out reminders of forthcoming books. Have you looked at Fantastic Fiction--if noting else you can see a whole series in the right order, so I use them as a reference tool.


I always want to be neat and tidy and start at the beginning and read in order, but I think I need to get over that and if the book inspires me to pick it up, I should just read it and not worry about skipping a book or reading out of order. I know sometimes it does kind of matter, but I am not very spontaneous about things when I really should be! I like the Grantchester TV series--I have only watched some of the shows. The prequel sounds good and I think it would be fun to just read it as a standalone even! I have yet to read any Harry Bosch or the Bernie Gunther books, but I bet I have the first books in both series--LOL! I am sure I would like the BG spy novels!

Kathy Johnson

Thanks for telling me about Fantastic Fiction--that will at least help me know the order of books in a series. I feel lost without Fict Fact, so hopefully this will help!

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