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Looks like you already have some great potential reads lined up. All I can think of is the grim They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and the completely opposite Noel Streatfeld children’s theater books like Ballet Shoes. I never would have thought of Carrie, but it certainly fits! That’s the sign of a good prompt, I think—so many different directions. My monthly prompt is A Short Stack (of Novellas), and I’m hoping to read two or three, starting with Flush by Virginia Woolf.


I thoroughly enjoyed Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders and the next two books following Kitty's adventures. They definitely take you to the underworld of Victorian London but are very readable and certainly gripping.
The Ballroom is very different but do read it as it is a lovely book - beautifully written and very poignant.

For something lighter do give Dancing at the Harvest Moon a chance. I read it so long ago that I really don't remember a great deal about it but I do recall thoroughly enjoying it. So much so that I just HAD to have her next book immediately - which I still haven't read!


Maybe you could make some of these year-long reading projects/prompts instead? I only say that because I have found that extending the time-frame for some of my own reading projects has been surprisingly wonderful. It does allow one to take more time with each and takes some of the pressure off (although why that pressure is there who knows, *laughs*) so that I enjoy the moment more than sometimes happens when I'm concerned with getting to the "next thing".

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Great idea for a prompt! I am musing on it and can't think of anything from my shelves that would fit, but I'm sure something would be there...


I like novellas--you will have to let me know which you end up reading. I had not thought of Noel Streatfeild--I need to read her. I have one of her books for adults that Persephone published. I have heard of They Shoot Horses--that is a good idea--I don't own it, but my library has it in a Library of America collection--it is a hardcover, however, so for a short book, not one I want to carry about. It is one of those classic crime novels I want to read sometime.


I wondered about the Kitty Peck books--I have the first two (!!) as yet unread. I am reading All the Beautiful Girls, which I thought might be on the fluffy side, but to be honest the story deals with child abuse, which is far heavier than I expected. That said, I still really like the book, and I expect the main character is going to triumph in the end, but I thought it would be an "easier journey" to get there. Still the writing is very good and the storytelling engaging if uncomfortable at times. I will try and squeeze in Kitty Peck, I think. I have had the Ballroom since it came out! And Dancing at the Harvest Moon was something I picked up at a used bookstore--I like the idea of older woman younger man (it always seems the reverse!)!


I suspect I am going to carry over some of the prompts. Circe is from my February prompt--and I am tempted by a few more of these and don't think I will finish them all this month (which is already flying by!). This is the nice thing about my prompts--I can carry them over at will. Still, I do like the idea of a nice new fresh prompt to think about at the start of a new month.


I think I literally was thinking of Rosamund Lehmann's Invitation to the Waltz (and I bet you have a copy on your shelves, too) when I jotted this one down. It is fun coming up with just a very generic prompt and then seeing what you can find on your shelves that fits!

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