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I've read and enjoyed both Kisses on a Postcard and Maiden's Trip. They both give a real atmosphere of time and place.
Millions Like Us has been on my bookshelves for a very long time - I have a series of books starting from 1911 and going through the 20th century and I always mean to work my way through them but since I think it would require more concentration and staying power than I currently feel I have, maybe it is a project for another time.


Millions Like Us sounds good. I do like social history but oks if they are well researched but not heavily academic.


What wonderful bookshelves you have to go browsing and come up with a list like this! Did you see the New York Times article on their picks for the best memoirs of the last 50 years: The Liars Club was one of their picks and I realized I’ve got it unread somewhere. Maybe this is the time to read it? My second choice would be Maiden’s Trip which sounds like the kind of adventure I’d rather read about than have. Have fun wherever your weekend’s reading takes you.


I always love reading your lists, and you know I have such a soft spot for non-fiction! As ever, I walk away with a list of titles I now HAVE to check out!


Both of the two books you mention sound like they are gentle WWII reads (nothing so harrowing as books about the Holocaust, which is a little too much for me at the moment). I decided to give Millions Like Us a go since it is anecdotal history and I think it will be easy to read a bit of and not lose the thread. It has a very extensive bibliography, which I will be looking over, too. Like you I have a number of books about this era by Juliet Nicholson and Anne De Courcy that I always think of making a little reading project out of! (With all my copious reading time-lol).


I picked this one up in the end and yes, it reads like interesting social history as it is mostly excerpts written at the time from memoirs and diaries. She links them all together nicely under different headings. I suspect I will be searching out many books, as I am guessing a lot of the excerpts are from published books!


I did catch that link and it has many really good sounding books, which is what prompted me to pull my copy of the Karr memoir. I want to read Maiden Voyage sometime soon since I read her first book and this sounds so interesting to me, too! There are too many of these I wish I could fit in right now!


I have so many unread books on my shelves....not that that is a bad thing, of course. I wish I was not such a slow NF reader, but I always want to absorb as much of it as I am reading as possible. Memoirs are a little easier since it is more experiences than historical details and facts. Oh to have endless reading time.


Actually I meant Virginia Nicholson--but they both have written NF....


The Liars' Club was a bookgroup selection years ago and I remember it leading to quite an animated discussion (none of which I recall now - although I did retain an interest in her work). You've got so many great choices though!


It looks interesting. It was on a list of the 50 best biographies that made me go search for her work. I also discovered I have a second book by her, too. I picked Millions Like Us, which is really good, but anecdotal--just short chapters and easy to pick up and set down. It is, however, quite chunky and you know how I am always carrying loads of books with me, so my current reach for pile includes a hardcover, meaning that the chunky one stays home. I am tempted to add a second (smaller/thinner) NF to my pile, but that seems somehow defeating the purpose of finishing books and not letting them languish so much.... There is so much that is tempting, though....

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