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Sam Sattler

Have you ever tried "graphic nonfiction?" I've just started an intriguing one called Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home. It's the memoir of a young German woman trying to cope with the awful legacy of shame and guilt left to her generation by that of her grandparents, and it is beautifully illustrated by a combination of cartoons and real photos, sometimes merged together.

I've found that graphic novels and comics really are hit and miss for me, too.


I'm glad you like it!


Actually I have read one or two. Curiously I read a grpahic NF about photobooths of all things that was really interesting. I know the bio you mention--I have seen it at the bookstore and I meant to request it from the library, so thanks for the reminder. I tend to do better with more realistic stories so maybe NF is the way to go.


I really enjoyed it. I wish he had written more, but it seems it is comics mostly and I am not even sure what I can get over here. I would love more books like this one!


Hah: I read that one, too, about the photo booth. It was quite interesting, although maybe not shaped as carefully as it could have been (but, then, the industry kinda fell apart all-of-a-sudden too, so I guess that fits).

It's a genre I find it hard to keep up with now too: there are just SO many and then I stop and try to work in some new ones and fall even further behind with the others! Phew. Nice problem to have though, I s'pose!

I like the hues in this one: lovely.


After I read it, I wanted to do the same thing--take photo booth photos, but I am too late. I think there is only one left in Nebraska and it is in a bar! I enjoyed the book, but she did veer off into the personal later in the book, which seemed to go a little off track.

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