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I’d like to try a Japanese mystery or two some day, but right now I’m enjoying The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths who you introduced me to. A friend told me, oh I’ve read those, there is so much archeology! but I love the bits about digging things up and researching them ;) and she has a nicely humorous outlook on modern day life. Thanks


I really like Ruth! I could totally see this series being filmed--if they got the right actors, of course. I like all the archaeology and mythology bits, too. I am glad you are enjoying the story. And there are loads of Japanese crime novels translated into English--I have a whole stack of them! :)


My library has 3 mysteries by Matsumoto, one of which I read, and the 2 others don't seem to be the one you're reading. But I'll check it out next time!


Which Matsumoto did you read. It seems like he wrote loads of mysteries but only a few have been translated into English. I have another one at home published by Soho Press and I have a DVD of one of his books that was filmed (but not translated into English). This is a very classic detective story where all the facts are laid out and it is all being pieced together. I think who did it is obvious, but how he did it is the trick (and I am not sure why yet either). I will be looking for any other books by him, now.


I took a class in Japanese History years ago and have dabbled in Japanese literature since, but I would love to spend more time there. It's such a rich tradition to explore. These sound like a great mix overall!


I think you would appreciate this one. I am very much enjoying the different books I have read so far--I think with the one I am almost finished with that will be six books that I am counting towards my project (not all are translated works-some are just the setting or a memoir but written in English), which is really good for me and my summer projects. I would love to take a class in Japanese culture/history--I wonder if there is some sort of Great Courses freebie class I can take or get access to. It would be nice to listen in or watch a documentary--will have to see what I can find in my library or online.

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